10 Basic Dog Commands


10 Basic Dog Commands

Becoming a best friend implies understanding in communication, which could be in form of body language, verbal communication, gestures, etc. it all depends on the right interpretation. Effective communication which requires response depends on proper understanding and interpretation.

In an experiment conducted by experts to find out how dogs understand their owners; how they are able to sniff out your sock from its hiding when the word sock is mentioned, without confusing sock for a girlfriend`s wig or grandma`s left toe;  apart from the tone of your voice, it was mentioned that dogs on average understand 200 baby-human words, this lore of communication spoken mostly by 2-3 year olds. I know right! those toothless sounds is language to some. 

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The following characteristics of a dog make you want to own one:

  •  The dog in its nature is loyal and faithful. 
  • It is obedient to commands even its detriment.
  • Dogs are peaceful and friendly creatures and are only aggressive to strangers ( not entirely true though, especially with bitches -female dogs; you know as ladies get feisty during mood swing? now you understand some things never change)
  • They are helpful and supportive. Well I know they do better jobs at replacing your mechanical car horns, you could tell something is coming from miles ahead..
  •  Dogs are sociable and friendly; one advice though, don’t suggest a peek-a-boo after you had cut its tail. 
  • Training and maintaining a dog is easy and affordable. well, their appetite is multiplied by growth.

All dogs understand basic commands, the Bulldog, German shepherd, Golden Retriever, Norwich Terrier, Pug, Bernese Mountain Dog, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, etc. and whoo! that was exhausting! who names these things! all these tongue twisters understand basic commands except for special dogs- the ones who could smell your fears a million miles from your dreams.

The ones whose ears can pick the sound of your breath colliding with sand as they fall to the floor, the ones whose fur is as black as a blind man`s night, (rising tone…) the ones whose canines can split a molecule in half, the one….phew! that was relieving!  These dogs have different builds and act differently but dogs relate with humans the same way, this varies from species to species and how their basic training.

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You gotta know what the right command for that dog while your friend Steve still has three toes left from the grapple.

Some Basics Dog commands every dog master should know include;

  • Sit. This is the beginning of command and control, and yes, German Shepherds will also listen to `sit` and `zit` also, their ears dont have teeth.  It is sometimes usually done using hand gestures; it could be slightly lowering of the palm, an elbow movement or simple pointing which conflicts with `fetch`, etc. trick is getting it registered. 
  • Stand. This is the opposite of sit. Its a command used to tell your dog to get up
  • Down. This means to lay down. It is one way of telling your dog to stay in a sleeping position or back off from action. It can also imply sleep- if you have an entrancing lullaby for her; it doesn’t necessarily mean sleep. When a dog is excited or about to attack a person, this word could be a life-saver. Now i wish we didn`t have to use long sentences to stop our friends from fighting. 
  • Stay. This is another command used to stop a dog from carrying out an action. For instance, when going out and you don’t want your spy dog trudging after you, well, work on your manner of administration else, your dog would be  welcoming you to your own destination. Stay can also be substituted for Sit.
  • Come. This is one of the easiest and about the first command a dog learns. Begin with gestures, beckoning on the dog to meet or follow you.
  • Off. This is a command telling your dog to go away. This carries a loud and harsh tone to express anger, clearly differentiate between go and off, let your dog know when you`re playing mad dog. The word command “go” could also be replaced for “off”.
  • No. This as said to human means the same to dogs. To humans, it is a negative reply to a request or action. As to humans, it is majorly a negative reply to their action, to discredit them from carrying out an activity.
  • Okay. This is a command use to show approval or give a positive reply to a Dog letting it to carry out an action. It is the opposite of No
  •  Out. This is a command imploring the dog to get something out of its mouth, leave your presence, run out of the house, etc. notice that all implications appear negative, it`s up to you to find a substitute for when your dog asks a question like when you flush, where does the water go? smart dogs only.
  • Bed or sleep. Just as the command implies, this means telling your dog to take some rest from barking. Specifically telling the dog to go sleep in his bed. 

Dog commands are not always one syllabic word. Some basic commands still include

  •  Fetch it, Take it, Bring it. These are used to request something for you. It is used with hand gestures pointing at whatever you want the dog to bring. This at the initial stage is rehearsed by playing the game of fetch using a stick most;y. The stick is thrown at a distance and the dog is commanded to bring the stick.
  • Drop it. This command word is used to tell a dog to drop something. After fetching a toy or stick, some dogs run up to their owners and drop it beside them, others run to their owners to stay at their side still holding onto that one talent.

When training dogs, the command may not be exact, but you want to teach your dog to be properly mannered, so whatever word one may use, be sure to use easy words that your two-year-old would understand. Let your gestures be very well expressive of your message. Patience and repetition is required too. Rewarding your dog is also a way of improving its willingness to learn and ability to recall. It also builds a strong dog-master connection between the dog and its owner.

It is fun and a great privilege to have a friend with an uncaged tongue that could still keep secrets or maybe tell it but in a language no one understands.

If you are in doubt, and have heavy secrets, don`t tell me, Get a dog pet. They are as faithful as stroking a T.

IGBAJI U.C.https://igbajiugabi.com
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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