30+ Romantic Valentine’s Messages for your Boyfriend


As Valentine’s Day draws near, you are searching for the best romantic Valentine’s messages to send to your boyfriend, reminding him of your love for him and your undying support and fidelity to him.

It can be your way of making his day, strengthening your relationship and giving him more reasons to love you. It is time to crack a joke and spark new love memories this Valentine’s Day with this long list of top Valentine’s Messages for your boyfriend.

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Valentine’s Messages for Your Boyfriend

Why wait any longer? Start to prepare those wonderful love messages you can send to your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day to keep him happy, lovely and in a sweet mood.

1) I will not make any demands on you; the only demand I wish to make is you; having you forever is what I’ll fight for. Happy Valentine to you, My love.

2) I may not have been a perfect girlfriend, but I know how to love you as no one does and no one will do. Because I love you more than myself. Happy Valentine’s Day.

3) You are the Prince Charming, the Princess in My story, the sweetest beginning of a lifelong love story. Happy Valentine’s with Love. From your Sweetheart.

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4) My perfect definition of life is you. The best dream I’ve ever had was kissing you on Valentine’s morning; my heart was locked with a key only you can access. My soul longs for those unforgettable moments only you can give. Happy Val.

5) I want to seal our love with a kiss full of bliss, warmth and love on Valentine’s Day, one that will never be forgotten; adjectives cannot describe how love is with you. Happy Val.

6) Sometimes, I feel that all the girls in the world are searching for such a priceless treasure that I have. You are my Hubby; my day starts with you and ends with you, and only one thing exists between them: love. I will keep on loving as long as this life lasts.

7) I never knew how to love till I met you; my life has not been the same since then. I still love you.

8) The birds sing of my love, the trees dance the dance of love, and the echo is heard on the hills. What are echos? My love for you is the answer.

9) The true meaning of Valentine’s is found in our love for each other and its significance in what we share; I wish to celebrate another Valentine’s with you.


10) Good times, bad times, fun times, and lovely times all have a story to tell about the love that a boyfriend has shown his lover during these times. May our stories be lovely ones to remember. Happy Valentine’s my love.

11) Loving you is the only genuine job I’ve got to secure. Happy V-day, my lover.

12) Sharing my heart with you this Valentine’s Day is what I have always longed for and will always wish to have it.

13) Our love shines brighter than the sun and illuminates our lives together.

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14) You’ve given me a reason to smile again; you are my closest friend.

15) If life should end tomorrow and from this world, I should part, I will be forever young, for you have given my heart a refreshing touch.

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16) thank you for bringing joy to my heart, beauty to my world and love to my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

17) The Day(Valentine’s) I dreaded most is what I now wish and love to have every day because of you.

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18) I wish you a Valentine’s Day filled with happiness, success, peace, prosperity, Good health, and Wealth. Happy Val.

Best 120+ Romantic Valentine Messages for Boyfriend

19) I was thinking of the best gift for this Valentine, but I remembered you have my heart.

20) Meeting you was the best opportunity in my life. I am yours forever.

21) Nothing makes my heart smile more than sharing this special day with the only one dear to me. Happy Val to you, my love.

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22) If it was a mistake to fall in love, I’ll gladly make that it; I love you so much, my Hubby.

23) My love speaks greatly about how I feel for you. Can I be your Valentine once more?

24) Being able to love you and be your girl is a blessing that I don’t deserve and a favour that I do not merit, so I’ll spend the rest of my life feeling like I’ve got the best lover on earth and am the luckiest girl that ever lived.

25) Even in our misunderstanding, you still care for me even when I deserve the opposite, and the best way to return the favour you have shown me is to remain with you, Val.

26) Today is the beginning of the new life we shared, the love, joy, and happiness. Best Valentine’s wishes.

27) This love that makes me happy, love that smooths our way; I can overcome daily courtesy of your love for me; happy Val.

28) Years Keep running by, but your love keeps refreshing our lives daily. I can’t stop thanking God for making me your Val.

29) Nothing is more important in my life than you, and nothing is more precious to me than staying with you. Happy Val once again.

30) You are the best Valentine I could have asked for. Thank you for giving me the thrills and grills. Happy V-day, my dearest.

31) Distance is never a barrier to our love for each other; I will keep sending a kiss to your address every moment of the day.

32) I will keep sending you my Valentine’s messages to remind you of my love for you, which will never grow cold.

33) I know I am safe when lost in your arms, so I don’t want to be rescued whenever I fall in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Sometimes, it is always good to appreciate the effort, care and love shown to us by our boyfriends and remind them of our undying fidelity and love for them with these romantic Valentine’s Messages.

You can be the first to send it to them.

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