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Motivation Letter

Have you nurtured the idea of working in a firm but your success letters have not come forth? Don’t you think writing a successful motivation letter would be partly integrated with your job application? To know the tips which would aid in creating a letter of motivation, stay put as I walk you through knowledge.


A motivation letter is the second most important part of an application. It differs from the CV, which is the total summary of facts ranging from the educational background and several work experiences. In the motivation letter, your personality indicating the reason for applying for a specific job opportunity is revealed.

Here an individual describes that he/she would suit the requirements needed for the institution he/she applied to. A motivation letter gives reasons why the applicant would be the perfect client to meet up with that which was applied to. You must remember that such letters need detailed research into the university’s general environment and different programs from the student’s side.


Motivation letters are important because they offer opportunities for relaying information mentioned in the previous application. With a motivation letter, the management can see what each applicant is made of. One must get to write a terrific motivation letter if one is applying to any desired form.


A motivation letter is composed of the following:
Introduction: A brief engaging piece is needed and your reasons for applying.
State your professional or ambitions by highlighting your life’s purposes.

This will help the committee evaluate your fitness for the job and helps them access whether or not the job’s purposes align with your ambitions.
Your expertise in that field must be stated
Explain why is it important for you
Encourage the reader to read the application thoroughly
Define your objectives, etc.
You may ask questions like:
What is the difference between a Cover Letter and a Motivation Letter?
A cover letter is the second letter after your CV when you are applying for a job. Meanwhile, a motivation letter is used when you are applying for a university or a non-paid seat. However, any of these letters can be used for either of the aforementioned.

How to Write a Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter could be written following these steps:
Do a conceptual study about the university of your choice
Your letter of motivation must be personal
Focus on your strengths
Clearly explain your motivation and the reason for the letter
Talk about the need, to be honest


Writing a motivation letter can be very challenging. Following the tips below can aid your motivation letters stand out and grant conviction to the recruiters or decision-makers to consider your application. Your job is to create a dynamic letter that will impress a recruiter.

Follow guidelines: Every prospective school or non-profit organisations provide a given guideline by formatting, length and content of the letter. In cases where guidelines are not being provided, write approximately 1/2 a page with 12 font size using Times New Roman or Arial.

Write with personality: Writing about your perspectives and interest is any bad idea as it separates your letter from others. Include interesting details which would help your motivation be second to none. Be on a serious note as humour might be misinterpreted.

Make use of simple and plain language: Make use of brief constructive sentences that would be clearly understood. When proofreading, simplify complex terms or jargon.

Outline your strengths: Writing your strengths helps the recipient understand clearly your value to the company. Decline talking about your challenges or limitations.

Ways to structure motivation letter


Your first paragraph should include a strong introductory sentence to the recipient who would be addressed by name, possibly, to consider the motivation. Doing this will capture the attention of the recipient.


This is the main part of the motivation letter. In every new paragraph, talk on a new topic remembering your motivation aims to explain how your skills, knowledge and experience make you an excellent candidate for this program or position. Ensure you use compelling facts to enable your ability to be persuasive.


In this paragraph, a summary of your goals in the motivation letter is necessary.


A need to proofread your motivation letter is called for as it helps identify omitted areas also ensuring your letter is not lagging professional grander and spelling. You may implore a colleague to help in the aspect of proofreading too.
Include again your contact information so that an employer can easily contact you.


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