7 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2023 – Best Virtual Interior Design Service Providers


7 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2023 – Best Virtual Interior Design Service Providers

Online interior design services are completely changing the way we access interior design assistance and are here to stay.
Everyone is drawn to it because of the unique formula of expert design advice, reasonable prices, and a simple and quick process.

These and countless other positive interactions with our virtual interior design team have motivated us to take a closer look at the best online interior design services to use in 2023.

Full List of Online Interior Design Services

  • Pottery Barn
  • Decorilla
  • Modsy
  • Havenly
  • RoomLift
  • Spacejoy
  • Collov

1. Pottery Barn

HOW IT WORKS: The design process starts with making an appointment (which can be done online, in person, or at home) and answering a few simple questions about the kind of design you want.

The virtual interior decorators at Pottery Barn take on projects of all shapes and sizes, from accent recommendations to a complete floor plan.

Assistance with ordering, delivery, installation setup (for an additional fee), and product recommendations are all part of the service. These products, however, will only be available in options from Pottery Barn and their affiliated businesses.

COST: Free

TURNAROUND: Time frame varies depending on designer availability and project size.

2. Decorilla

HOW IT WORKS: All customers receive comprehensive and personalized online interior design assistance, starting with a free initial consultation and interactive questionnaire.

Based on your needs and budget, you receive design concepts from various designers with ongoing design communication. Then, together with you, your chosen designer completes your design in photorealistic 3D renderings (incorporating new and existing items together to scale). They also use fantastic designer discounts to create a colour scheme, floor plan, and online shopping list.

Customers laud the realistic 3D renderings for easy visualization, the in-home and phone consultations, the smart, user-friendly online platform, and the online shopping assistance with 10% to 25% off at well-known retailers like Wayfair and Crate and Barrel.

COST: Each room has 3 levels of flat-rate packages to choose from, ranging from $549 to $3200. Customized packages starting at $75 are also available.

TURNAROUND: 3-5 weeks; projects may be expedited or extended according to client timelines

3. Modsy

HOW IT WORKS: Through the online interior design service Modsy Design, customers can view furniture products and get accurate 3D renderings of how they will appear in their homes.

First, one of Modsy’s designers can create two 3D rendering options for each paid room design using a questionnaire that includes the requirements, room measurements, and photos. Users can also replace any piece of furniture with another from Modsy’s catalogue of 3D furniture.

Customers have unlimited access to the furniture catalogue, which contains items from more than 100 vendors. Customers can shop on Modsy’s online interior design platform for a $20 ordering fee. Most importantly, Modsy Design will match the lowest price for furniture offered online.

Modsy Design does not create custom or track lighting, kitchens or bathrooms, curtains or window treatments. However, if the project requirements are straightforward, this is a great option because they can add a designer touch to any interior design style.

COST: Customers can purchase the Premium Package from the e-design company for $179 per room, which includes 2 initial renderings from one designer that they can edit themselves. On the other hand, a Luxe package costs $499 on Modsy.

In this instance, clients collaborate 1:1 with a Modsy designer who submits 2 initial proposals and is accessible to edit the design and respond to inquiries as they arise throughout the Modsy online interior design process.

TURNAROUND: The E-design plan is ready within 2 weeks.

4. Havenly

HOW IT WORKS: Havenly Design offers wonderful communication with an online interior designer, from suggestions for furniture or decor to complete room designs. You start the process by answering a style questionnaire, after which you upload images and space measurements.

Your online interior design makes some initial suggestions for themes and looks based on the information you provide.

The designers then present the final concept board, which includes the layout, new furniture, and accessories. While the final concept is a 2D layered rendering, the initial themes from a Havenly designer are in a moodboard format. As a result, it makes the room easier to picture.

Online Interior Design Services Compared Side-by-Side

Havenly vs Spacejoy

Havenly and Spacejoy differ primarily in their design packages and inclusions. Online Mini, a basic package for online interior design, is available from Havenly for $99 only. However, this service only offers moodboards of the final interior design concepts.

The three design packages offered by Spacejoy all come with 3D renderings. Havenly Design offers a hybrid in-home and online interior design service, including one in-home meeting with your designer.

This is another significant difference between Spacejoy and Havenly. Havenly and Spacejoy provide concept revisions, though the number is limited in Spacejoy’s case depending on the selected package.

Be aware that neither Havenly nor Spacejoy provides online interior design for the bathroom or kitchen, unlike services like Decorilla.

COST: The Havenly Mini, one of their online interior design services, includes a freshening service that costs $79 per room. The Havenly Full price is $129 and includes furniture layout, additional revision time, concept boards, and product suggestions in addition to those found in the Havenly Mini.

TURNAROUND: As little as 1 to 2 weeks with Havenly Mini and 2 to 3 weeks with Havenly’s Full online interior design help package.

5. roomLift 

HOW IT WORKS: You can anticipate an initial style quiz and sharing specifics about your living environment, preferences, and way of life.

Using this information, the online interior designers at RoomLift put together a physical box containing samples of paint, wallpaper, and other fabrics and a scaled floor plan. Cards with furniture and decor options will also be included.

A pair of 15-minute phone or email consultations with the designers are also offered. Without assistance or discounts from RoomLift, customers make purchases from the recommended vendors on their own at standard retail prices.

COST: 20-minute design consultations are offered at $100 each. RoomLift boxes are available for accessories at $750 or an entire room for $1500.

TURNAROUND: Physical boxes will arrive in about 2 weeks.

6. Spacejoy

HOW IT WORKS: Spacejoy clients receive beautiful designs from one online interior designer as a virtual interior design service for all room types aside from kitchens and bathrooms.

One designer provides 1-2 designs after receiving the initial questionnaire, the upload of recent images of the space, and other requirements. The number of permitted revisions, however, depends on the level of service that is chosen.

Each client receives a customized shopping list, but unlike other online interior design services, Spacejoy does not share trade discounts.

COST: Spacejoy offers 3 levels of service, with prices ranging from $129-259 per room.

TURNAROUND: Designs are provided within 7-10 days of starting

7. Collov

HOW IT WORKS: Choosing a room package and providing information about your space and budget are the first steps in every project. You’ll also complete a style assessment to help you determine the look you want. Clients will then be paired with an online interior designer from Collov.

After that, one designer provides two moodboards based on the client’s requests. After that, depending on the package chosen and the inclusion of a phone call, the designs can be changed two to three times. The final package also includes a shopping list and a room design.

The other two packages lack the paint selection and 3D renderings that are included in the Classic and Luxe Designs. Customers can also use Collov’s shopping service, which matches retailer websites’ prices but does not offer further discounts.


With varying levels of online designer experience and added benefits, Collov offers three tiers of online interior design services. For $99 per design, the lower Kick-Start Package, for instance, matches you with a beginning designer.

While the Luxe Room Design Package, which costs $259, pairs you with more experienced interior designers, the Classic Room Design Package pairs you with an entry-level designer and includes 3D renderings.


The entire process takes about 30 days to complete the online interior design and get your shopping list!

See more online interior design service benefits highlighted in this article about interior design services online.


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