Laptops are also known as PC (Personal computers) and they are the most common types of computers worldwide. Laptops are more durable compared to the previous types of computers where the monitor was in a different compartment from the UPS and hence making it less durable or portable.

Many people have been asking questions on the best brands of computers to buy in 2021 hence the need to publish this article. Finally, before buying a laptop, there are things that one needs to look out for and if you do not check them, you might end up getting a bad laptop or one that might make you feel you wasted your money.

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The following are things that one should look out for when getting a Laptop:

  • Processor Speed: The processor speed determines how fast information is processed in a computer and it is measured in GHz so the lower the Ghz, the slower the processor speed while the larger the GHz, the faster the processor speed. The processor speed also determines how fast the CPU interprets and retrieves instructions and if you are the type who likes playing games with your PC then you should try to get a system with a very large processor speed.
  • RAM Size: RAM refers to the Random access memory and it is where information that is processed is stored so the larger the RAM size of your system, the better for you because a system with a bigger RAM would be able to handle more processes at a faster rate without slowing down the device compared to the one with a smaller RAM. Try to get a system with a RAM size of 4GB and above or else you might end up being frustrated.
  • Battery Capacity: The capacity of a battery is measured in Mah and the larger the capacity, the more cycles your battery would have. In places where you have a low or poor electricity supply, a battery with a larger capacity would save you the stress of looking for where to power it every time.
  • Graphics Card Used: A graphics card is a card that displays a feed of output to the screen of your laptop and the better your graphics card, the better the display of your laptop. Graphic cards come in different connector types namely PCI, AGP, or PCI express.
  • Hard Disk Capacity: Hard disk is where most of your data is stored and the greater the hard disk capacity, the greater the amount of information that can be contained on it. It is advisable to get a system with a hard disk drive capacity of 500GB and above.
  • Your Budget: When you go to buy a system, try as much as you can to pick the systems that fit into your budget properly and avoid those that are far from your budget. Before going to buy the system, ensure that you take a survey of the different prices at different shops and pick the shop that is
  • Size of the Laptop: A lot of people overlook the size of a laptop when purchasing a laptop because they feel that it is less important. The smaller the size of the laptop, the better because a lot of people feel that the bigger the size of the laptop, the more the capacity, and this theory is false because, with the advent of microchips, a laptop smaller in size can have the same capacity with one that is almost two times bigger than it in size.
  • AntiVirus Software: Every new system is prone to the virus so when purchasing a new system, ensure that you purchase an antivirus immediately for the system because most of this antivirus available online are trial versions and the bad side of trial versions of softwares is that they have a limitation and cannot be used to tackle strong viruses so try to get softwares like Karpesky antivirus.
  • Hinges of The System: The hinges of a system might look unimportant but a lot of computers whose hinges are not that flexible get damaged before time and this has led to people spending money on maintaining a laptop that they just bought recently.

Finally, ensure that you check the laptop’s network connection is strong because any laptop without a good network connection is very useless. Ensure that you share this article with friends who may one to get a new laptop so that they would be enlightened before they go ahead and purchase it.


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