A Job Vacancy In Abuja – Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) Associate At The United Nations Office For Project Services (UNOPS)


A Job Vacancy In Abuja – Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) Associate At The United Nations Office For Project Services (UNOPS)

Job Description

The UNOPS, a part of the United Nations, serves as an operational branch that assists in the effective execution of peacebuilding, humanitarian, and development initiatives undertaken by its partners worldwide.

As a designated central resource within the United Nations, UNOPS offers various governments, donors, and United Nations entities durable project management, procurement, and infrastructure services. Currently, we have a job opening that we are seeking to fill.

Job Title:

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Associate

Job Requisition ID:




Department / Office:

AFR, GHMCO, Nigeria

Job categories:


Contract type:

Local ICA Support

Contract level:




Background Information about the Projects


  • The primary objective of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) is to decrease susceptibility to soil erosion in specific sub-watersheds.
  • Since 2013, the project has been active in Nigeria, receiving funding from The World Bank, which concluded in June 2022.
  • The “Nigeria Climate Adaptation – Erosion & Watershed project” represents an expansion phase of NEWMAP, financed through a loan from the European Development Bank (EIB).
  • The project involves providing financial support to address land degradation issues, including gully erosion and degradation of drylands, at various sites in Nigeria.
  • There are two main components to the project: 1) Infrastructure and 2) Technical Assistance.
  • The selection of sites to be included in the project is based on a multi-criteria ranking system, considering the schemes’ readiness level and the implementing state’s capacity. All 23 states in Nigeria are eager to participate in the project and are intended beneficiaries of its assistance.
  • The project is executed by the Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU), situated within the Federal Ministry of Environment (FME), in collaboration with the State Project Implementation Units (SPIUs) established in each participating state.


  • The Nigeria Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP and RAAMP-2) is a venture supported by the World Bank, the French Development Agency (AFD), and the Government of Nigeria (GoN).
  • The EIB’s “Nigeria Access to Agri-Markets Framework Loan” entails a framework loan to finance proposed sub-investments under the existing RAAMP.
  • The project aims to enhance agricultural infrastructure by improving and expanding rural road networks connecting farms to markets while upgrading infrastructure to facilitate product transformation and support local farmers in increasing productivity.
  • The project has already implemented schemes in thirteen Nigerian states. The EIB loan might target the remaining six states—Anambra, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Niger, and Taraba—that have not yet received RAAMP funding. This would involve rehabilitating and upgrading rural roads and agro-logistics centres in these participating states.
  • RAAMP is implemented through the Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU), located within the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), in coordination with State Project Implementation Units (SPIUs) established in each participating state.
  • Under a Financing Agreement with the Government of Nigeria, UNOPS has been requested by the EIB to provide implementation and oversight support for both projects in several areas:
    • Screening and verifying schemes, assisting the EIB in evaluating and approving projects based on predetermined criteria.
    • Procurement oversight, ensuring compliance with the EIB’s minimum requirements through pre and post reviews.
    • Environmental and social risk management of proposed schemes, ensuring adherence to safeguard standards through clearance of Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) and monitoring their implementation.
    • Implementation monitoring, overseeing scheme implementation and risk mitigation measures in collaboration with the FPMU, SPIUs, EIB, and relevant stakeholders through regular monitoring missions and reporting on program performance.
    • Technical assistance, providing necessary support to FPMUs/SPIUs in the abovementioned areas.
  • The projects are expected to be implemented over four years, subject to organizational requirements, fund availability, and satisfactory performance.

The Role

  • The ICT Associate is responsible for providing efficient and effective ICT management and support to operations in a specific area. They work directly under the supervision of the Administration Senior Associate, who reports to the Project Manager. Additionally, they receive technical guidance from the ICT colleagues at headquarters.
  • The ICT Associate collaborates with UNOPS program support colleagues to ensure the provision of optimal support in the execution of their responsibilities.

Summary of functions
The ICT Associate will work under the general guidance of the Head of Support Services in the Hub and will be responsible for the tasks outlined below, following UNOPS procedures and practices.

ICT client services, management, and administration are carried out efficiently and effectively, with a focus on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Implementing information and communication technology (ICT) and operational strategies following UNOPS rules, regulations, policies, and framework.
  • Providing prompt, user-friendly, and efficient support to users.
  • Offering advice on information technology and systems planning exercises conducted within the Business Unit and representing the Business Unit in such exercises carried out across UNOPS.
  • Participating in developing ICT standards and strategies specific to the Business Unit.
  • Maintaining an inventory of all computers, audio/video communication equipment, and software in the Business Unit, ensuring compliance with asset management policies.
  • Collaborating and exchanging information and expertise on applications and tools with HQ and ICT personnel from other regional UN agencies.
  • Ensuring the effective functioning (installation, operation, and maintenance) of all hardware equipment owned by UNOPS, procuring hardware supplies approved software, and applying timely updates and patches.
  • Supervising information and communication services within the Business Unit and for managed projects.
  • Providing effective guidance on project implementation activities related to ICT, the procurement process for hardware and software, and establishing and maintaining a list of potential suppliers.
  • Actively networking with clients to address and improve common areas of concern.
  • Offering consulting services, conducting ICT audit inspections, and facilitating the selection and deployment of software for projects, seeking technical advice and support from HQ ICT personnel when needed.
  • Liaising with UNOPS HQ and other relevant units to determine hardware and software requirements.
  • Serving as an efficient liaison between UNOPS and local UN partner agencies regarding ICT-related matters.

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Network Administration:

Ensures the smooth administration of networks, with a primary focus on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Maintaining network and internet connectivity ensures stability, bandwidth availability and reliable connection to the internet and HQ-based systems.
  • Having valid hardware maintenance agreements in place to promptly address hardware failures.
  • Establishing a steady and responsive network environment through daily network connection monitoring.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of UNOPS ICT systems and information assets.
  • Monitoring and maintaining proper backups of UNOPS data. Ensuring the implementation and upkeep of measures for business continuity and disaster recovery processes and procedures.
  • Managing and maintaining the operations of video conferences and telephony systems.

Knowledge Building and Knowledge Sharing:

  • Contribute valuable insights and knowledge to knowledge networks and communities of practice in human resources by synthesizing lessons learned and sharing best practices.
  • Gather feedback, ideas, and internal knowledge of processes and best practices and utilize them effectively.
  • Engage in training activities for operations/project staff in ICT services, including participation, organization, and delivery of training sessions.

Impact of Results

  • The ICT Associate’s ability to achieve key results directly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of the business unit or project they are involved in. This, in turn, affects the timely and effective implementation of ICT services and deliverables.
  • By guaranteeing client contentment and bolstering UNOPS’ reputation as a proficient provider of project services and management, the ICT Associate helps solidify UNOPS’ standing as a preferred partner in sustainable development and project services within the country or region they serve.

Note: UNOPS does not require candidates to make any form of payment at any stage of the recruitment process.



  • This position requires completing Secondary Education or obtaining a High School Diploma.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences, Computer Sciences, Engineering, or a related field, along with two years of relevant experience in information technology and telecommunications and systems, preferably in an international or corporate setting, can be considered instead of the six years of relevant experience mentioned below.

Work Experience:

  • A minimum of 6 years of experience in information technology and/or telecommunications and systems, with a progressive level of responsibility, is necessary. Preference is given to those with experience in an international or corporate setting.
  • Familiarity with Google Suite applications and proficiency in managing web-based management systems is preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience overseeing Active Directory, Windows servers, and network infrastructure are preferred.
  • Language Requirement:
    • Proficiency in written, spoken, and reading English is mandatory.
    • Having a working knowledge of another UN language is advantageous.

Application Closing Date

The deadline is before midnight on August 1st, 2023, according to Copenhagen time (CET).

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online


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