APC Disqualifies Ahmed Bola Tinubu, and 9 Others


There are strong indications that Ahmed Bola Tinubu has been disqualified.
A popular public commentator, Farooq Kperogi, said on Friday that he can “bet his bottom dollar” that All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader Bola Tinubu has been disqualified from the party’s presidential primary election next week in Abuja.
Kperogi concluded that “the implosion of the APC has just officially started” based on a statement made earlier today by John Oyegun, the Chairman of the ruling party’s Screening Committee.
The Oyegun-led Committee had previously disqualified ten aspirants, as earlier published. Those who were allowed to attend the APC Convention were described as “youthful aspirants.” Tinubu’s camp is tense as a result of the development, as the former Lagos State Governor is 70 years old.
According to John Oyegun, “Only 13 “youthful aspirants” were cleared to run for the party’s primaries, Tinubu’s nemesis who chaired the APC’s screening committee.
“I’m willing to bet that Bola Tinubu has been disqualified. 70 years isn’t considered “young” by any standard.
“At 65, Yemi Osinbajo, who is only 5 years younger than Tinubu, isn’t exactly “young.”
“The implosion of the APC has officially begun!”


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