Backlink Building – Guide to building backlinks the right way


Backlink Building – Guide to building backlinks the right way

A backlink is a common term in search engine optimization and only a few know how to build backlinks effectively especially newbies to blogging. This article would be divided into different sections with each section dealing with a specific part of backlinks.

A backlink is a link between two websites and the aim of such links is to refer people from the linking site to the linked site. There is a lot of effects that backlinks have on a website hence the reason why Google uses backlinks as a ranking factor.

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A lot of people have bastardized backlink building and google ensures that such websites are not spared in their google update which takes place in monthly intervals during the year furthermore, it is important to note that backlinks are generally divided into two(2) categories namely:

Dofollow Backlinks: Do-follow backlinks are backlinks that tell the search engine that the website they are linking to is trusted. Someone defined Dofollow backlinks as a bridge between two webpages and the number of dofollow backlinks from quality websites can boost the ranking of a website. Dofollow backlinks can be gotten when your website is mentioned in a post or an image leads to your website.

Nofollow Backlinks: No Follow backlinks are the second type of backlinks and they are easier to get compared to Dofollow backlinks. Nofollow backlinks are mainly gotten from a comment on somebody’s post.

Please note that the amount of Nofollow backlinks and dofollow backlinks should be balanced also, try to avoid spam commenting on low-quality websites finally, it is important to check the domain authority of your website by using the ahrefs backlink checker or the domain authority by using the Moz free tool. These free tools would allow you to see the rating of your website on a scale from 0-100 and you can also see that of your competitors.


It is important to note the following points about backlinks:

  • Backlink building is free of charge
  • The quality of Backlinks has higher precedence than the number of backlinks
  • Multiple backlinks from the same source are spamming
  • Wrong use of backlinks can lead attract a penalty from google.
  • Linking people to your website for a fee is prohibited.


Earlier in the post, we stated that if backlink building is done wrong, then google can penalize the website during the core update so that is why we recommend the steps below for anyone who wants to build backlinks:

Guest Posting: Guest posting is the act of writing a post on another website that is not yours and in return, you can get a backlink linking to your website and social profile.

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The best place to get high authority website to get sites for backlinks is HARO which is also known as Help a reporter out so visit the website and choose a topic that you contribute to and if your contribution is selected, then you would get a free backlink to your website.

Blog Commenting: Commenting is another way of getting backlinks but the downside of it is that most comments are No follow links apart from websites that use commentluv WordPress plugin to allow their comment to be dofollow. When commenting please avoid phrased like: nice post, good, excellent amongst others.

Ensure that you read the post that you want to comment on so that you would know what the post is all about also please ensure that you do not drop a link to your website in the comment box as most websites have a place where you can input your website’s name.

301 Redirect: 301 redirect is a hidden way of getting backlinks but the downside of it is if you make a mistake, you would pay dearly for it. This method involves you buying an expired domain that had traffic before it expired or a good amount of backlinks.

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When you purchase the domain, then login to your domain registrar and perform a 301 redirect on it if you are going to purchase a hosting plan for the website, then you would have to perform a 301 redirect from the Cpanel and if the website has related posts to your own, then you can go ahead with a wildcard redirect. Please note the following about 301 redirects:

  1. Make sure that the website you are buying does not have a negative review or was not penalized by google.
  2. Try to get a domain name that corresponds to your field.
  3. Try to check the domain authority with the ahrefs backlink checker and the higher the domain authority, the better.
  4. The higher the dofollow percentage, the better.
  5. Desist from redirecting multiple domain names to one website.

In conclusion, one can see that when building backlinks, the quality matters most and not the quantity and this is the basic thing you should understand before proceeding to build backlinks also, the dofollow percentage also matters. If you follow the steps outlined in this article thoroughly, you would see the positive impact it has on your website.

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