Check out the 5 Best APO Forwarding Services


Check out the 5 Best APO Forwarding Services

While the prospect of shipping to a military base address might appear daunting and complex, there’s no need for concern.

This article will introduce you to the best APO forwarding services, explaining what APO entails and other comprehensive details. APO, which stands for Army Post Office, is utilized in conjunction with Army or Air Force installations, while FPO, or Fleet Post Office, is associated with Navy installations.

Regarding shipping, as per feedback from military customers, delivery typically takes 30 to 45 days. However, in this article, we will explore services that can expedite the delivery time for your products.

Best APO Forwarding Service

Best APO Forwarding Service
Best APO Forwarding Service

Here are the best APO forwarding service

1. ShipitAPO

ShipitAPO is widely recognized as a top-notch APO forwarding service known for its user-friendly and straightforward account setup process. While their shipping times occasionally extend by about a week, their fees are on par with standard shipping costs. The weight of each shipment determines their rates, and it’s worth noting that faster delivery options are available but come at a higher cost.

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  1. User-friendly and straightforward account setup.
  2. Reasonable fees.


  1. Delivery times may exceed initial expectations

2. APObox

APObox is a privately owned company featured on the USPS website, focusing on package and freight delivery services. While their delivery charges are higher, they excel in providing swift delivery.

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  1. Rapid delivery service.


  1. Elevated delivery costs.

3. PlanetExpress

Planetexpress caters to various addresses, including APO, FPO, and DPO. They enable you to shop from online stores and redirect your items to your APO address. Additionally, they offer favourable rates for the USPS Priority Mail Military service.

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  1. Convenient online shopping and delivery to their address.
  2. Attractive rates for USPS Priority Mail Military service.


  1. Longer delivery times are incurred due to the necessity of going to the warehouse.


The USPS is a nationwide postal service in the United States that covers every address nationwide. The timing of mail forwarding, contingent on the chosen mail class, typically commences within three business days after your request, with various pricing options available. Their primary business segments include First-Class Mail, Marketing Mail, and Packages.

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  1. Extensive coverage, serving all addresses nationwide.
  2. Generally quick delivery times.


  1. Shipping bulky and heavy items can be costly, as the service is not optimized for such goods.

5. Pirateship

The Pirateship app offers a user-friendly interface and commendable customer service. It stands out as a highly economical and effective method for USPS shipping through a fulfilment centre. Managing multiple shipments simultaneously is straightforward.


  1. Competitive shipping rates for both domestic and international USPS services.
  2. Effortless tracking of bulk shipments.


  1. Inability to ship tube mailers.
  2. Bulk refunds may pose challenges.


The choice of services varies regarding shipping mail or any product. Some services, such as the one mentioned earlier, like Pirate Ship, might appear complex or have higher charges, often due to USPS scanning issues, which can involve double scanning of a product due to machinery errors.

It’s also crucial to understand that not all services may fully meet your preferences, indicating that each has its own pros and cons.

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