How to Plan a Wonderful Birthday Party: 3 aspects to Plan on


How to Plan a Wonderful Birthday Party: 3 aspects to Plan on

A birthday party is a day filled with fun because of the activities carried out that day. It is also stressful because it requires a lot of planning and decision-making, which may require that you be careful so that the day will not be ruined.

Do you want to have an interesting birthday party without any problem? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan a wonderful birthday party in three different categories. Ensure you read this article to the end to grab the full gist.

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Decide where and when to have the birthday party.

  1. Fix a date for the birthday party:

    This is an important aspect that you first have to consider because the sooner you fix a date for the birthday, the earlier you start planning, but before that, you’ll have to do these things. They include:

  • Consult the person whose birthday it is and check their schedule around that period to see if there is any holiday, bearing in mind that a lot of people do travel on
  • Since many people are only free during weekends, it is advisable to host the party during weekends so that more people will attend.

2. Select a time for the party:

Choosing the time for the birthday party is strictly based on who is hosting the party and the age.

    • If the party is for children, you’ll host it in either the late morning or early evening hours because that is the most convenient time for families.
    • And if it is for an adult, then an evening party will be the most suitable.

3. Make a budget list for the party:

Perhaps you may have noticed that parties consume a lot of resources, so you need to make a list of things necessary for the party and make a total overall budget. Make sure you stick to the budget you have made.

4. Create a list of guests you want at the party:

A guest list is important because it will help you to ensure that the people you wish to at that party are not forgotten when sending out your invitations.

Also, making a budget list will be easier as you already know the total number of guests you invite. These will also aid you in choosing where to hold the party.

5. Consider the venue:

Birthday Party Venue
Birthday Party Venue

You have to discuss with the celebrant where he or she wants the party to be held; if it is a small party containing at most 20 to 25 persons, then the party can be held in your home or someone else.

But if it is an elaborate birthday party that will accommodate more people, then go for a banquet hall. Make sure you choose a location and time that will work well together.

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Plan out the Party Details

  1. Do you want to have a theme for the party?

    Having a themed birthday party features a lot of fun but is very costly simultaneously, so you have to check if the celebrant will appreciate such and endeavour to stick to the budget.

  2. Prepare and send out your birthday party invitations:

Birthday party invitation
Birthday party invitation

Ensure you send out the invitations 3-4 weeks earlier to give your guest time to plan for it and make provision for RSVP information on the invitation card.

You can also reach out to some of these guests to help clean up the area, decorate it, and prepare the food menu because doing it yourself will be stressful.

3. Arrange for food and beverages:

Considering what you have in mind for the party, you must prepare the food that best fits your theme (if you have one). Bearing in mind that some of your guests may have food allergies, you have to prepare safe foods or throw the curtain open for them to bring their food.

Remember, how long you want your party to last determines the type of food and beverages that you plan to provide, and that is, if your party lasts for only one hour, then go for light party refreshments, but if it will last for some hours, then you have to prepare a meal.

And don’t forget to supply as much food as possible that will be enough for your guests.

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4. Provide food and Drinks:

Birthday Party Food and Drinks
Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Although you might not be providing it yourself, you must ensure that food and drinks are in proportionate. Decide whether alcoholics are needed for the party or not.

5. Prepare the decorative outlook:

Birthday Party Decorative Outlook
Birthday Party Decorative Outlook

This is the part you must prepare adequately because it either makes your birthday party look more attractive or not.

For a child’s birthday party, you have to decorate the venue with many balloons, streamers, and more. But if it is an adult birthday party, you must apply light decoration.

6. Entertainment:

Birthday Party Entertainment
Birthday Party Entertainment

There are different kinds of entertainment plans, but it depends on the party type.

  • If it is a child’s birthday party, then games, storytime, and music playing will be good, but if you want it to be more fun, you can hire a magician, a clown or a scientist.
  • You can easily include games with background music for an adult’s party. And if it is out on the town, then involve the service of a live band or a comedian.

7. Plan your dessert:

Birthday party desert
Birthday party dessert

This is another important aspect of planning for birthday parties. Sometimes, the celebrant may not desire a birthday cake; if so, here are some wonderful substitutions for a birthday cake!

    1. Cupcakes
    2. Brownies
    3. Pies
    4. Cookies
    5. Ice creams.

8. Have a plan B in case of bad weather:

Preparing an alternative location to shield your guests from bad weather, especially if it is an outdoor event, is another thing you must arrange for.

Getting Ready for the Party

  1. Get the help you arranged for to assist you in setting up the party on D-day:

    This is a time that you asked them to help, so get them to  assist you in setting up the venue, and this involves:

  • Setting up the decorations.
  • Taking the food to the party venue on time if you are the one providing the food.
  • Have in charge of supplying both the food and drinks with other things when they are needed.

2. Make plans to regulate the temperature of the food, be it hot or cold:

If you are the one cooking or providing the food, then you have to make plans for things that you will use to maintain the temperature of the food, bearing in mind that foods tend to spoil faster if it is not kept either hot or cold.

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But if a catering centre provides the food, know it has been taken care of.

3. Notify your guests if you moved the party to your backup location:

Since you planned for an outdoor event, but the weather is not bright, and you want to move the venue to your backup plan, you must inform your guests about the change so they will know where to go instead.

4. Be prepared in case of emergency:

While planning for this party, remember that accidents or things that will demand emergency attention may likely occur.

So make arrangements for a first aid box for any accident or a cool-down area for a child who gets upset. Also, remember to keep pets away from the venue or in a secure place to avoid embarrassment.


This article contains all the information grouped into three categories and the first is what you will do one to two months before D-day.

The second aspect covers what you need to get done a few weeks before the date, and the last aspect of planning is what you must do on that D-day.

These tips will help you plan and celebrate a wonderful birthday party without issues. For more guidance on how to plan a wonderful birthday party, use the comment section.

We are always ready to attend to you. Feel free to drop your comment, and we will attend to that.


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