Blindness and 4 reasons it might happen to you if not prevented


Blindness and reasons it might happen to you

Being visually impaired is as detestable as Adolf Hitler and possibly Vlad the Impaler. Although Hitler is passive, popular facts state that he once existed, so do the chances of you becoming blind either now or later in life.

It might have not been put into deliberation or even considered simply because you as an individual have done everything humanly possible to avoid a direct hit to the eye and as of that, you conclude that having eye issues are the least of your problems.

Blindness is said to be a state of total sightlessness in both eyes, having a blurred or deemed vision, it’s the inability of the lens to capture a picture.

The initial causes of blindness can be sourced from lack of vitamins, Diabetes, or taking a blow to the eye, of course, it would be seconded by the well-learned but what these people won’t let you know is that your daily activities contribute greatly to the depreciation of eyesight.


This builds a man as well as kills a man, Just like a woman. It’s a two-edged sword that everybody is guilty of using. The purpose of pointing this out is not to make you miss your daily dosage seeing that some medications are the lifeline some people hang unto dearly.

Minocycline, the tetracycline directive, has been used once or twice by most teens to combat acne, it is guilty of carrying out a good job but it comes with a lasting effect on the eyes.

Its reputation has cloaked all side effects under its positivity, its effectiveness has made it one of the most prescribed medicines for teenagers, however, it causes increased Intracranial pressures which if translated in other languages is a really bad thing. it leads directly to permanent loss of sight, it begins with a simple migraine some might be lucky enough not to experience this but be rest assured the end result is always blindness.

Minocycline has been armed to the neck to aid pubescents so the risk of it affecting those in other stages of life is reduced to the minimum, but  “HYDROXYCHLOROQUIN” comes in as the barrel of bad news.

This drug has been used by all shades of people, age and size to combat malaria, Lupus, Rheumatoid whilst leaving only a few side effects the likes of body itching, etc. It’s great that every individual has established a bond so the flow of information would be occasioned with ease among friends and family when I tell you that hydroxychloroquine is a retina toxin that leaves a close to irreversible effect on the eyes, the kind of effect that slowly result into blindness.

No one is currently safe but all sympathy goes to the men and women living on Tamsulosin, we all know its main use is to treat prostate enlargement and improve urinary. Due to the record demand for it we can only conclude that it has a great positive impact on the lives of grown men and women.

With the use of tamsulosin the controlled flow of urine for men who can’t pee and women who pee when they don’t wish to become possible as a bonus for the unsuspecting individual it also gives blindness to the two parties when they don’t need it.

“Almost every patient of a certain age seems to be on this drug”

Says Dr Cindy M. Hutnik, MD, PhD, A doctor at the Ivey Eye Institute in London, Ontario. This drug comes along with a well-known syndrome called the Intraoperative floppy Iris, a syndrome that doesn’t need a further introduction before anyone would know it’s an eye pulley the kind that impedes sight.

Excess intake of starch

The intake of starchy produces like Garri, cassava, sugar, etc. Can render the eyes useless. The effect is one that is gotten from the extreme amplification of starch upon starch, the outcome eventually leads to the development of diabetic retinopathy, elevated and uncontrolled sugar levels causes irreversible damage to the delicate blood vessels in the retina causing visual loss says the American Academy of Pathology.

Wearing contact lens

This mostly goes out to the ones that see eye colour as a determinant for beauty, since it has occurred that many wear lenses to enhance beauty instead for the right medical purpose.

Wearing them isn’t really an issue the problem arises when you take a nap with them on. It may not have taken effect on the eyes after the first time, but If you make it habit blindness would eventually kick in.

Sleeping with them causes oxygen deprivation. the cornea receives oxygen directly from the environment, not from blood, so preventing the cornea from receiving oxygen would definitely make it falter. Your eye metabolism shuts down as a result of poor cornea performance and then blindness creeps in. So as not to experience such it’s best to opt for glasses.


A lot of people are addicted to the intake of tobacco, cannabis, opium, etc. At first, the origin of smoking played on the need to keep the body warm and heat-stable under intense cold atmospheres, but the cosy feeling gotten from such act has made many waves of abuses, as even under extreme heat people still smoke.

You don’t need to be a chain smoker to become blind, you can be lucky enough to go blind on your first trial simply because the moment the suction of smoke into the body begins you’ve become susceptible to macular degeneration (the most common cause of blindness), smoking is the largest modified risk factor for age-related macular, it causes the blood vessels in the body to narrow, including the ones in the eyes thereby increasing overall blood pressure.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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