Body Metabolism – 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism


Increasing metabolism is the weight loss community’s holy grail, but the rate at which your body burns calories depends on various factors. Some people have a quick metabolism by genetics.

Even when they are sleeping, men typically burn more calories than women. And after the age of 40, metabolism generally begins to slow gradually.

There are other ways to boost your metabolism, although you have no control over your age, gender, or genetics.

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolism can help you burn calories more efficiently, which can aid in weight loss and overall health. Here are some ways to boost your metabolism:

1. Build Muscle

Even when you are not doing anything, your body continuously burns calories. People with more muscle have much higher resting metabolic rates.

While each pound of fat only burns 2 calories daily, every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories daily to maintain itself.

Over time, even a small difference can add up. Your body’s muscles become active after a strength training session, increasing your metabolic rate on a daily basis.

2. Step Up Your Workout

Although aerobic exercise may not result in bulky muscles, it can speed up your metabolism after a workout. To succeed, you must exert effort.

Compared to low- or moderate-intensity workouts, high-intensity exercise causes a greater and longer increase in resting metabolic rate.

Try a more challenging class at the gym or incorporate brief jogging intervals into your daily walk to reap the benefits.

3. Fuel Up With Water

Water is required by your body to process calories. Your metabolism may slow down if you are even slightly dehydrated.

According to one study, adults who consumed eight or more glasses of water each day burned more calories than those who only drank four.

Before every meal and snack, sip a glass of water or another unsweetened beverage to stay hydrated. Also, instead of pretzels or chips, munch on fresh fruits and vegetables, which come naturally hydrated.

4. You Should Try Energy Drinks

Some components in energy drinks may speed up your metabolism. They contain a lot of caffeine, which makes your body use more energy. They occasionally contain the amino acid taurine.

Taurine can increase metabolism and possibly aid in fat burning.

But for some people, using these beverages can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, and sleep issues. For children teenagers, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not advise them.

5. Snack Smart

Increased calorie consumption can aid in weight loss. Your metabolism slows down between meals when you eat large meals with a lot of time between them.

Your metabolism runs more efficiently throughout the day if you eat a small meal or snack every three to four hours.

Additionally, numerous studies have revealed that people who frequently snack eat less at meals.

6. Spice Up Your Meals

Spicy foods contain natural chemicals that can accelerate your metabolism. Your metabolic rate can be increased by cooking with a tablespoon of chopped red or green chili pepper.

Although the effect is probably only temporary, eating spicy food frequently may have long-term advantages. Add red pepper flakes to stews, chilli, and pasta dishes for a quick boost.

7. Power Up With Protein

Protein causes your body to expend many more calories in digestion than fat or carbohydrates. Lean, protein-rich foods can increase metabolism at mealtime if some carbs are substituted for them as part of a balanced diet.

Lean beef, turkey, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products are all excellent protein sources.

8. Sip Some Black Coffee

If you drink coffee, you probably appreciate the benefits for your energy and focus. A temporary increase in your metabolic rate may be one of the advantages of coffee when consumed in moderation.

When you exercise, caffeine can make you feel less exhausted and even improve your endurance.

9. Recharge With Green Tea

The benefits of caffeine and catechins, which have been shown to stimulate the metabolism for a couple of hours, can be obtained by drinking green or oolong tea.

According to research, consuming 2 to 4 cups of either tea may encourage the body to burn 17% more calories for a brief period of moderately intense exercise.

10. Avoid Crash Diets

Crash diets, or eating less than 1,200 calories for women and 1,800 calories for men each day, are bad for anyone hoping to speed up their metabolism. Although these diets may aid in weight loss, good nutrition is sacrificed in the process.

Additionally, it backfires because losing muscle can slow your metabolism. Your body ultimately burns fewer calories and puts on weight more quickly than it did before the diet.


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