Books to avoid reading -5 Books You Should Avoid Reading At All Cost


Books to avoid reading -5 Books You Should Avoid Reading At All Cost

Books are always fun to read. An intriguing invention that brings both entertainment and education in one piece to your doorstep, but the unstoppable marching of time has resulted in change transforming a busy bookstore into an empty hall and an empty program into an e-book such transformation was only made possible through research and that very research was what led to the discovery of something that defeats the definition of a novel.

A novel originally created and designed to be the embodiment of knowledge and lore possesses a fraction of it that harbours a dark side, some are completely void of knowledge but infested with curses that by a mere flicker would cost you your life.

We first see such books in the Harry Potter movie, but since it is fictional the chances of it ever phasing in reality, is next to impossible, such books were also the topics of few Japanese poetry and witchcraft movies; but were only recognized as folklore so nothing scary.

After copious researches were carried out it was discovered that the harry potter movie wasn’t a lie as actual books that authored the death of its readers, made tiny door paths to the formation of necromancy as a practicable act, and harboured ways to invoke demons were discovered, and whoever took the liberty of editing such indirectly paved a way to his/her early grave.

The first on the list is the

-Untitled Grimoires

It sounds like an entirely made-up word from an ancient fantasy movie but the book is as real as life itself, it is a pair of two handwritten, spiral-bound spellbooks, sold by an online retailer for nearly $14,000 back in 2013.

The book contained the handwriting of Persephone Adrastea Eurene, a high priestess of Wicca, she was believed to have governed her own coven back then in 1960. All 260 pages found In the book were filled with incantations, spells, enchantments, and a detailed way of how to effectively summon a demon.

Not to be involved in the death of millions the seller strictly warned buyers that any non-believer who messed with the book would incur a deadly curse upon themselves, the writer of the book for the sake of the ignorant left a warning to serve as a deterrent at the first page of the book, implying that it would provide serious consequences for the reader she wrote;

Those not of the craft- the reading of this book is forbidden, proceed no further or justice would exact a swift and terrible retribution- and you will surely suffer at the hand of the craft.

-The Grand Grimoires

This book basically dissuades readers from reading, but only a few people adhere to such warning as it is laid down simply because they know the meaning of reverse psychology, how it is implied and why.

The Grand Grimoires further translated into “Gospel of satan” is said to have been written by a man possessed by the devil, a certain monk after defaulting the theological order, he was imprisoned and few days to his execution he discovered he had unfinished work, which involved completing the grimoire he knew it was humanly impossible to do so within a brief period of time, so he summoned the devil and sold his soul as part of a bargain for the devil to help him complete his work.

The book is known as one of the most terrifying books in existence, it contains incantations and instructions on how to raise another Lazarus from the dead, although it sounds like an appealing idea to those who are currently grieving for their loss. The inscribed darkness in the book has made it reputable and the most feared manuscript of all time, since opening it is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil it has been locked away in a Vatican secret archive far away from prying eyes.

-The book of the sacred magic of Abramelin the mage

Every parent good or bad gives their children gifts and toys with respect to what they believe is best for them, Abramelin being the father of the year gave his son a book filled with mythical curses, guided by his beliefs he saw a 15th-century curse infested book as an appropriate gift for his boy.

This book was translated into English in the year 1900, the multitudinous amount of curses in this book was so populous that you can’t read a line without summoning a demon. The book, from the first margin to the last page was occupied with words used for rituals and supernatural feasts for bringing demons under control.

In case you are not aware, it’s not fun to host demons, ask any paranormal fanatic they’ll tell you conversing with the spiritual realm is dangerous.

-The Voynich manuscript

The most frightening thing so far is the unknown, the Voynich manuscript is one of the most mysterious and feared books of all time. Written in the 15th century, all 240 pages are inscribed in an indecipherable language that has frustrated people to the point of madness and hexed a lot of people with bad luck and misfortune while countless historians and researchers have tried to crack the code but none of them ever recorded success.

Even without formal knowledge of who the author is, it has been speculated that whoever successfully decipher the language has pretty much handed a life-lasting curse to his generation on a silver platter.

-The orphan story

4000 years after the book was scribed down by Martin De Lean Cardenas, the orphan story appears like a typical adventure book that welcomes the attention of everyone, it’s about a 14-year-old Spaniard girl who heads to  America in search of fortune, nothing really sounds inappropriate because it doesn’t deal with summoning demons or incantations, but the total number of mortified individuals that once tried to make this book a publication is enough to build a whole community, one funny factor is that the incident that led to their deaths were all similar either by a ghastly car accident or strange disease.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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