Boxing Gloves – The Best 8 Boxing Gloves In 2023


Boxing Gloves – The Best 8 Boxing Gloves In 2023

Are you in search of the perfect boxing gloves? This article will provide you with the top-recommended boxing gloves.

If you are ready to take your boxing seriously, keep reading to find the perfect gloves.

1. Venum — Elite Boxing GlovesBuy Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Online at Lowest Price in Ubuy Nigeria. B01MSGDPX5

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are highly recommended for beginners because of their versatility and comfortable cushioning. These gloves have a velcro strap that makes them easy to adjust and mesh panels that provide ventilation for your hands during training. They are hand-stitched in Thailand, ensuring high quality and durability. With 19 colour options available, you can choose a pair of gloves you like.

The Venum Elite gloves are designed with dense foam padding and a fully-attached thumb to keep you comfortable and safe during your training. You don’t have to worry about your thumb slipping out of place during intense sparring or training sessions.

However, some users prefer less padding when training with heavy bags; beginners usually choose the thicker padding when first starting with boxing. These gloves come in a wide range of weight options, allowing you to choose the perfect fit.

They are ideal for sparring and bag training, making them a great all-around choice for beginner boxers.

2. Hayabusa — T3 Boxing GlovesHayabusa T3 LX Slate Boxing Gloves - Fightstyle

The Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves were created to provide the user the utmost support, protection, and comfort. The gloves feature Hayabusa’s renowned wrist support, showcased by two interlocking straps that keep the wrist securely in place.

The knuckles are safeguarded by thick foam padding, while the microfiber thumb lets the user wipe away sweat during training. The gloves’ interior is lined with a temperature-controlled material that maintains a comfortable and cool hand environment, even during the most rigorous training sessions.

There are 15 different colour options and five sizes available for users, allowing them to select the best colour and weight suited to their training goals and preferences.

3. Everlast — Women’s Pro Style Training GlovesEverlast Womens Pro Style Elite 2.0 Training Gloves – Everlast Canada

The Everlast Pro Training Gloves are a cost-effective and practical option for various types of training. The gloves come with a hassle-free Velcro wrist strap that can be easily adjusted to ensure a perfect fit.

The gloves are ergonomically designed with a curved shape that fits snugly and promotes proper form. They also have ample padding to absorb the impact of every punch, providing adequate hand protection.

Although the gloves are only available in 12 and 14 ounces, most users should find them suitable, particularly if they engage in bag work or light sparring.

4. Cleto Reyes — Hook and Loop Training GlovesCleto Reyes Hook and Loop Leather Training Boxing Gloves - 12 oz. - Purple 619159332858 | eBay

If you’re engaged in heavy-duty training, it’s essential to have durable and dependable gloves that can protect your hands and provide adequate padding.

The Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training Gloves are an excellent option, as they were specifically crafted for intense sparring and heavy bag work. The gloves feature long-lasting latex foam padding that won’t get compressed or deteriorate with regular use.

The internal lining of the gloves is water-resistant, which helps prevent sweat from seeping into the padding and causing an unpleasant odour. With a wide range of colours and sizes, the Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop gloves are incredibly versatile and can cater to various preferences and needs.

5. Gold BJJ — Foundation Boxing GlovesFoundation Boxing Gloves | Gold BJJ

The Gold BJJ Foundation glove is a multi-purpose and reasonably priced glove designed to be used in various training activities, including boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

It provides additional wrist support, and it comes with hand wraps that help to protect your hands during intense sparring. The gloves are also designed with built-in air vents that keep your hands cool and comfortable while training.

The single hook and loop strap are simple to adjust as needed, which ensures a secure fit. The only downside is that the gloves are only available in two colours, black and white. However, given their price, finding a better pair of sparring gloves is challenging.

6. Everlast — Pro Style Training GlovesEverlast | Pro Styling Elite Training Gloves | Boxing Gloves |

While most gloves included in this list are versatile, sometimes it’s necessary to specialize, particularly in fitness kickboxing. Combining punches and kicks requires lightweight gloves, particularly when not sparring.

Everlast is one of the few brands that offer gloves weighing less than 10 ounces. If you’re sparring, you must use a heavier weight to protect your opponent. However, if you’re taking kickboxing-style workout classes and not hitting someone, the eight ounces will enable you to move quickly and remain nimble.

The gloves feature a full mesh palm, allowing air to circulate your hands, while Everlast has incorporated a unique antimicrobial treatment to keep your gloves fresh and odour-free.

7. Trideer — Pro Grade Boxing GlovesTrideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves | 9 of the Best Boxing Gloves You Can Buy For $55 or Less | POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 5

We recommend the Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves if you are a beginner or have a limited budget. These gloves are the least expensive, priced under $25. They are equipped with multi-layered foam padding that offers comfortable cushioning to your knuckles.

The breathable mesh lining in the palm facilitates the evaporation of sweat. The synthetic leather construction makes these gloves easy to clean, and their ventilation feature enables them to air dry quickly between uses.

The gloves are only available in black, so if you are not particular about colours, they will suit your needs without putting a dent in your wallet.

8. Pro Impact Boxing GlovesCombat Impact Boxing Gloves (Lace Up 16oz) - Nitro Boxing Fitness Centre

It is crucial to safeguard your wrists while boxing, as experienced boxers, would attest that throwing an improper punch or hitting the wrong area could result in a sprain.

The gloves are designed with an extended wrist cuff with a straightforward hook and loop fastening system, offering maximum wrist support. Additionally, the gloves are equipped with three layers of foam padding, which provides a comfortable cushioning effect for your knuckles.

What To Go for In a Pair Of Boxing Gloves

1. Material

The material used outside the gloves is not a significant factor to consider. However, it is essential to determine the kind of interior lining you prefer while training.

Some gloves come with a water-resistant lining to prevent sweat absorption by the padding, but the downside is that it may lead to sweaty hands and gloves becoming slippery.

Other glove types feature cooling fabrics that enhance your comfort levels, but this may result in more sweat being absorbed into the padding over time.

2.  Preference

Selecting the appropriate gloves is crucial to achieving your desired training outcome. Depending on your training style, different gloves may be necessary. Choosing the right pair of gloves is essential if you intend to focus on a specific type of training.

Lighter gloves are ideal for engaging in heavy punching bag training, general fitness classes, or cardiovascular exercises. These gloves allow you to remain fast and agile, and the thinner padding enables you to feel the impact of your punches, ensuring that you maintain proper form.

On the other hand, if you opt for heavier gloves, the added weight may slow you down, and the thicker padding may prevent you from sensing your hands making contact with the bag. Many boxers prefer to feel how their hands strike the bag, which may be challenging with excessive padding.

What boxing gloves do the experts use? 

Professionals tend to use lighter gloves with less padding, especially during fights. Their main goal is to damage their opponent, so they’ll want to use as little padding as possible.

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