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Business ideas for 2021 – 6 business ideas you need to give a try

business ideas
business ideas

Business ideas for 2021 – 6 business ideas you need to give a try

The idea of starting up a business is the `be your own boss` cliche- creating your own money cycle, such that matches your strength at 70 or your choice to retire with no threats from employers.

It sounds nice taking that vacation anytime you choose to, waking up sick and not have anyone to report to; in summary, not owing accountability to anyone asides yourself and that legacy you are trying to create.

Darn those nine-to-five jobs that would have me waking up at 4 am, brush hurriedly and miss brushing my molars just the same way I would on a perfect Sunday morning, or notice I wore my shirt the inside-out as I signal a cab because I went in late last night for a bulky assignment my boss left at my desk.

Such drive and passion to break free can be directionless without the proper guidance of knowing where to start; this is where this article proves valuable, providing you with feasible business ideas you can very much build from.

Business Ideas for 2021

  1. Photography:

there are three (3) rules to be successful at this

  • Pick a niche and get regular. Examples of photography niches are:

Landscape, Fashion, nature, still-life, travel, food, etc.

  • Build an audience. Such an audience comes from being regular, your audience should know to look for you when professionalism is mentioned in your niche.
  • Explore other revenue options. Don’t stick to one site, explore as many options as you can handle.

There are a thousand businesses and people looking to attach visual content to their marketing strategies as nothing is most convincing than what meets the eye. These visual contents are provided in website galleries called STOCK IMAGE WEBSITES, which you may be offered free or licensed (paid) access to quality images.

Examples of stock sites:

  • 123RF
  • Canva Pro
  • Stock Unlimited
  • Stockphotosecrets
  • Deposit Photos
  • Envato Elements
  • Dreams time
  • Getty Images
  • Shutterstock
  • Storyblocks
  • Burst

2. Dropshipping:

This is a retail business in e-commerce which allows for stores to sell their products without keeping any records or inventory. One advantage in Dropshipping business is that it leaves no excesses in ordered inventory and you do not have to own a warehouse or storage for your products, hence no physical inventory needed.

Its mode of operation is such that the retailer receives the market request, transfers the sales order to a third-party supplier ready to supply a timely demand, who then ships that order to the consumer- still with the retailer as the first contact and product owner. To avoid any confusions and future disagreements, a contract should be signed clearly stating the terms of the agreement in the following forms:

  • Definitions
  • Vendor`s and supplier`s job description
  • Shipment problems
  • Severability
  • Effectiveness
  • Biling
  • Return policy
  • Tax
  • Sales
  • Products and services provided
  • Nonpayment terms
  • Modification

Even with such agreement set in place, pros and cons of Dropshipping must be considered and evaluated before venturing into such business, despite it is among the best out there.

3. Freelancing:

This is a very common form of self-employment; your office is not physical but virtual, implies you take it everywhere you go. It can be competitive considering how popular the Internet is fast becoming. Freelancing requires basically two things apart from knowledge of any selected area, which are:

    1. Good device with professional software
    2. Strong internet connection

Examples of freelance businesses

  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • App development
  • Programming
  • Marketing

4. Market Digital Products:

statistics show that with an estimate of $331 billion by 2025, the e-learning industry would have skyrocketed to becoming one of the best industries in terms of readily available and high demand services, with digital products being its train. The advantage here is seen in its inexpensiveness to create and their nonmaterial nature. Digital products could be ebooks, videos, music, videos, images or online courses.

5. On-Demand Printing:

this has great potential for online cloth retailers. In on-demand printing, you customize white-label products as t-shirts, hats or caps, bags, etc with your own designs and these products are from a supplier who knows you don’t have to pay before your customized product are sold.

6. Self-publishing:

How well can you think up ideas on books? Because this can be a major source of income with the increase in readers each year, also doubled by the invention of mobile software. This is among the best ideas for 2021 considering the preference to wor from home and choice of activities during leisure. In self-publishing, you edit, design and manage the production processes of your own book also to sell, there are platforms like Amazon for this.


Finding the right business for 2021 depend on the resources around- consider your environment or workspace, who is your audience? How to replenish your products, calculate the costs of investment.



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