Canker sores Vs Herpes: 3 Causes, symptoms, and treatments.


Canker sores Vs Herpes: 3 Causes, Preferred spots, risk factors, symptoms, treatments


Canker sores Vs Herpes: 3 Causes, symptoms, and treatments. Canker sores (mouth ulcers) are generally attributed as a form of herpes. They are sores. Oral sores, that surfaces at various point in the human mouth: lip, tongue, gum line even throat

. They are circular, and whitish in nature and they possess a red/yellow stem root.

The sore, a testament to the fickleness of a tumour (cancerous, cancerous, Cantankerous), has proven to be void of a singular cause.

In some cases, it is a result of poor dental work, like ramming your toothbrush aggressively across your teeth, further inciting friction to act upon the gum, teeth, and lip. Or a sign of a weak immune system.

While herpes(or Cold Sores) on the other hand, are caused by HSV1(a strain of the herpes virus) a sexually transmitted virus that comes in the form of blisters around the mouth.

While mouth ulcers are found within the mouth herpes is aligned around the lips. It is extremely contagious as close contact such as kissing could be an anchor pulling it straight into your system.

Over time, canker sore and herpes have been mistaken and used interchangeably, they both are incredibly painful and they incite great Discomfort while eating or drinking.

But as painful as they both are they are different; as their distinctive forms would entail, and should be handled carefully in accordance with their stipulated treatment.

Causes. and risk factors: Canker sore.

1.) Nutritional Deficiency.
2.) Hormonal shifts
3.) Bacteria
4.) Poor dental work; flossing and brushing.
5.) Weak immune system.

people with chronic diseases and/or those living with HIV are very susceptible to
mouth ulcers. Although such is applicable to both genders it is most common in women. Canker sores Vs Herpes: Causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Causes and Risk Factor: Herpes.

1.) HSV1. (Gotten from unprotected sexual intercourse.)
2.) One can contact such via an open wound, cut, and/or abrasion
3.) Through skin contact with a carrier (via kissing or sexual intercourse).

It is applicable to both genders regardless of age distinction and generics.

Symptoms: Canker Sore.

The major symptom of a canker sore is a white round sore within the mouth; the lower lip, upper lip, tongue, gum line, and throat. It is accompanied by pain which can easily be intensified when grazed.

Symptoms: Herpes.

1.) Blisters on the outer part of the mouth
2.) Pain
3.)gums might become mildly swollen Or red.
4) Neck lymph Nodes
5.) People within their 20’s are likely to experience shallow ulcers and grayish coatings on tonsils.

Treatments: Canker sore.

Mouth ulcers are known to heal on their own, but in case such lasts more than a week or two, there are DIY remedies that can kick start the healing process:

A. Baking Soda Mouth Rinse.
B. Apply coconut oil to the affected area
C. Use Apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash.
D. Apply honey to the affected area.

If there is no foreseeable progress apply cross counter precautions; see a doctor and effect the use of;

Hydrogen peroxide, any Corticosteroid ointment, and/or antibiotics.


Cold sores usually heal within the given period of 10 days. If such happens otherwise, here are home remedies that can help clear up cold sores;

A. Use of Ibuprofen to reduce pain and inflammation
B. Use of aloe vera to reduce inflammation
C. Use of ice packs to reduce pain and inflammation.

You can likewise make use of Acyclovir and Valacyclovir. (only use under doctor’s prescription)

Note: after suffering from a cold sore, are likely, in the long run, to develop such again. Stress and climate conditions are easy triggers for blisters.


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