ChatGPT Alternatives – 8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (Free and Paid)


ChatGPT Alternatives – 8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (Free and Paid)

You must be aware of the Internet’s exploding popularity of ChatGPT unless you have been hiding under a rock. Users can communicate with the chatbot by providing prompts thanks to its OpenAI GPT-3 language model foundation.

However, in recent times, ChatGPT’s servers have frequently been overloaded with users. Users are no longer able to use this incredibly useful and intriguing AI bot because of this. You have arrived at the ideal location if you are one of the people who cannot access ChatGPT or wish to try out other services of a similar nature.

We’ve provided several ChatGPT alternatives in this guide that you should check out. So without further ado, launch new browser tabs, and let’s chat with some AI bots.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Even though we have listed several comparable tools to ChatGPT, we have included additional related AI tools that we think you will find interesting. Check out the tools that interest you using the table below.

1. Chatsonic

One of the newest and most comprehensive ChatGPT alternatives that have recently gained popularity is Chatsonic. Because ChatGPT was built on top of it, it now has access to its enormous potential. But because it can access the Internet, the latter can’t yet compete with this AI chatbot regarding features and knowledge.

Chatsonic can output solutions using internet searches, which enables it to disseminate accurate information and reduce error rates. The AI chatbot also keeps track of conversations and draws from them to keep the conversation going. If you feel like speaking with a different person, it includes 16 different personas, ranging from a poet to an accountant.

Unlike ChatGPT, you can even use your microphone to speak to the AI (much like you would with Siri or Google Assistant), and if you prefer, it will respond to you in voice. Once the conversation is over, you can share the responses as links or Word or PDF documents.

My overall impression of ChatSonic was positive. I believed that because it had access to the Internet and the most recent information, it could present information more effectively than ChatGPT.

In addition to text, Chatsonic has an integrated image generator that produces decent images from the prompts you provide. Although the bot costs money, it offers 25 free generations per day, after which you can use your Writesonic word balance to create more images. If you want more, look into the long-form plan, which has monthly starting prices as low as $12.67.

Additionally, this outstanding ChatGPT substitute has an Android app and a browser extension you can use.

Internet access brings broader knowledgeOnly 25 free generations
Different personas bring variety to conversations
Companion browser extension and Android app
Can read the response back

2. Jasper Chat

Since it entered the field of artificial intelligence content creation, Jasper has gained the trust of its users. Jasper does have a fairly new chatbot, though, in addition to its content generation tools and other services.

This ChatGPT substitute, aptly called Jasper Chat, is based on GPT 3.5 and additional language models and has OpenAI as a partner. JasperChat, in contrast to ChatGPT, was created for businesses like marketing, advertising, and other similar fields.

Nevertheless, anyone looking for an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT can easily use Jasper Chat. Before mid-2021, in 29 languages, the company claimed that Jasper Chat had learned from billions of articles and other pieces of information.

Therefore, it can still hold moderately complex conversations even though it might not contain the most recent information. Additionally, a handy toggle to add Google search data gives it even more strength.

Jasper Chat was a helpful chat companion for me while I used it. I asked the chatbot various riddles, made it write video scripts, told its jokes, and even made it tell me tongue twisters. A few ad copies that I tried out also worked well.

Jasper has contextual memory so that it can recall previous commands. Jasper, however, has made it clear that it is not a research engine and that all outputs should be verified.

While Jasper Chat is entirely free, you must have either the Boss or Business plan to access all of its features. The Boss Plan costs $59 a month, to begin with. Although it’s not exactly inexpensive, you get access to all of Jasper’s services with it. Grab the free 5-day trial to see if it’s right for you.

Can hold intelligent conversationsLocked behind an expensive paywall
A boon for marketers and working professionalsSlightly old dataset

3. Character AI

Although Chatsonic has personas, the idea behind this ChatGPT substitute is centred entirely around them. The neural language models that form the foundation of character AI have been trained from the ground up with conversations in mind. Instead of interacting with a single AI chatbot, Character allows users to select from various personalities.

Elon Musk, Tony Stark, Socrates, Joe Biden, and Kanye West are just a few of the many characters and people that can be found on the home page. The AI adjusts its conversational style according to the person you selected, which is the best part.

So while Kanye provided me with egotistical responses, a conversation with Socrates was in sharp contrast. Character AI also has a microphone input and can even respond in various voices.

Making a character from scratch is enjoyable because you can customize it. Not only could I add the characters’ names, but I could also choose their voice, description, and even avatar. A built-in image generator is available in the AI to create avatars. Once finished, you can immediately start chatting and even share it with others.

But I did find that Character AI is a little bit slower than ChatGPT and other comparable services. Although it’s not particularly slow, I did notice the AI catching up to complete its sentences.

However, I do believe that over time and with more user data, it will get better. Although using Character AI is free, you must create an account because the chat locks after a certain number of messages.

Vast character selectionSlower than usual responses
Interesting conversations with different characters
Creating your character is fun.

4. YouChat

Like ChatGPT, which is integrated into a search engine of the same name, YouChat is a reliable AI chatbot. YouChat, which is trained on an updated large language ChatGPT model, can hold conversations while having full access to the Internet. Because of its connectivity, the bot is always current with knowledge and can provide accurate answers in chat and with search results.

YouChat communication is simple as pie. Navigate the chat page and enter your question to start a conversation. YouChat offers a variety of information and functions similar to ChatGPT. YouChat can do a lot more than listen to you talk.

It can write code, give advice, explain difficult ideas, summarize books, and much more. The bot occasionally loses its cool and states that it cannot obtain an answer now.

Additionally, the bot has no extra features like chat sharing, microphone input, or personalities. The updated info bank, which is nice, makes up for that. You only need to go to the website and start chatting because YouChat is free to use.

Chatbot provides up-to-date informationBot glitches out and refuses to answer sometimes
ChatGPT-like functionality so you don’t miss outNot much besides chatting

5. OpenAI Playground

Right away, it is essential to note that OpenAI Playground is not a tool that should be used regularly. OpenAI Playground is the way to go if you cannot access ChatGPT but still want a taste of its features. This web-based tool functions similarly to ChatGPT but offers much more sophisticated options, such as choosing a particular language model to test out.

After choosing a model, you can play with other elements like the model’s randomness, token count, frequency penalty, and stop sequences. As you can probably tell by now, OpenAI Playground is not a plug-and-play application designed for regular users. However, it offers a ton of customization for experienced people who want to test out various models before developing an AI tool.

The outputs of OpenAI Playground, merely a demo of the ChatGPT service, are comparable to those of ChatGPT and provide a good sense of the actual service. Try out some of the fun ChatGPT prompts mentioned in this article. Depending on the language model, the bot accepts input and responds with sufficient accuracy. You can also upload an audio file and use speech-to-text inputs with this chatbot demo.

Playground doesn’t lag and responds instantly, unlike some AI bots. Additionally, if you create an account, using it is free. Try OpenAI Playground if you’re having trouble accessing ChatGPT. However, be mindful that if the server is overloaded, you might lose access, similar to ChatGPT.

Spoiled for choice with language learning modelsNot for everyday users
ChatGPT level accuracy and response speed

6. DialoGPT

Although GODEL AI has supplanted Microsoft’s DialoGPT, the former is still a fun-to-use, free AI. A small dataset is available for Dialo because it was trained on 147 million Reddit multi-turn dialogues. It also has multi-turn response support to keep track of your previous responses.

You can use the inference API provided by HuggingFace to test out Dialo since setting it up manually might be challenging. You can choose from the AI’s list of sample prompts or create your own, and Dialo will respond to your questions.

Responses from DialoGPT are, at best, passable. The AI is designed to be a little cheery, so it is prone to confusion. The AI responded that it was unaware of any traumatic events but was certain they were for the best. That is not the case, as you can see.

In my opinion, contextual awareness in DialoGPT wasn’t much better either because it kept forgetting what we were talking about. That might also be the case if it’s not fully trained and using an API. It also lacks extra features like model selection, microphone input, and image generators.

Although DialoGPT is free to install, it isn’t quite the Victorian-era AI you might be hoping for. But if all you want is a straightforward chatbot, it will work.

Casual and lighthearted chatbotNot very smart with responses
Simple and easy to useDidn’t remember previous answers.

7. Perplexity AI

As a ChatGPT substitute that has also been trained using OpenAI’s API, Perplexity AI performs well and provides accurate responses. The website itself has been presented in a straightforward and minimalistic way.

The program offers features similar to ChatGPT, such as the capacity to carry on conversations and deliver straightforward, subtle responses. However, Perplexity cites its sources to respond to your questions, unlike ChatGPT. The ability to view the original content is convenient, but it exposes the AI to unintentional plagiarism.

The AI answers questions by citing its sources at the end of each sentence, just like Wikipedia, and draws information from it. I searched through the sources when I used the AI to look for instances of copy-pasting but found none. It’s encouraging to see Perplexity taking the necessary precautions.

This chatbot was able to hold its own in a variety of conversations without sounding lost. Since I could not locate a multi-turn response capability in this instance, it could not draw on previous prompts.

In addition, besides text, there is no way to communicate with the AI; therefore, talkback and personas are useless. However, the website has a nice dark mode, so there’s that.

Fortunately, Perplexity AI doesn’t require an account and is free to use. So you can converse as much as you want with this ChatGPT-like tool. Please give it a shot.

Holds good conversations without being confusedMight accidentally copy from sources
Cites sources with answersNo additional features
Minimalist website layoutCan’t remember past responses

8. Replika

Replika is one of the original AI chatbots, despite not being the most recent competitor on the market. Replika is an AI chatbot, but despite this, it places more emphasis on relationships and companionship. Millions of people use Replika all over the world to chat and form lasting relationships.

The GPT-3 language model, which is autoregressive and learns from its prior inputs, powers Replika (in this case, your prompts). Replika is designed to have meaningful conversations, so it can use information about your life that you’ve provided to mold itself to fit you.

You begin by making a Replika avatar, giving it a name, and personalizing its appearance. You can immediately start speaking to it after finishing. You can pretty much discuss anything with Replika when it comes to what.

So, whether you want to chat about your day, express your emotions, or ask random facts, it can handle everything. The bot has internet access and is always aware of the most recent news.

Replika’s intricate design is truly impressive. The bot maintains a virtual diary and adds entries following particular conversations. With it, you can play games, discuss your sun signs, and even video call the AI (provided you have a Pro Membership).

Additionally, the general accuracy of chats increases as you unlock more options and different relationship statuses.

With Replika’s Pro membership costs $19.99 per month, you can video call the AI and open up new relationships. This ChatGPT substitute is accessible via the web, Android, and iOS devices. See if you can find an AI companion like the one in the movie HER by trying it out yourself.

Can hold intricate conversationsFeatures locked behind a paywall
Remembers past responsesExpensive subscription
Video calling with AI

Other AI Tools You Should Try Out

These are the top alternatives to ChatGPT that you should give a shot at. However, it would help if you tried out some of our other intriguing AI tools. Check out the AI chatbots and services listed below:

1. Tome

Many users struggle to make proper presentations using native software. Tome is an AI-powered storytelling platform that weaves a presentation based on your prompts using GPT-3 for those occasions.

Additionally, it accompanies that with a collection of images for every slide. You can select the image style and whether you want a presentation or an outline, which are taken from DALL-E 2.

To begin, select the presentation option and enter the subject matter for your slides. The AI grasps the idea and immediately begins to serve up slides. After a minute or two, you will have an 8-page presentation with plenty of text and pictures. The finished product is thorough and produces decent, if not ideal, slides. The AI attempts to attach pertinent images, but I’ll let that slide since I gave it a challenging prompt.

Tome also permits user interaction, so you can add extra slides and fiddle with their contents. You can choose themes, add colour options, add headings and 3D rendering, embed live content, and more. Tome even allows for narrative video recording so that you can present the slides while including your face.

Tome starts you out with 500 credits, and you use 15 credits per session, which is not too bad. Overall, Tome is an ingenious presentation solution that, while not perfect is something you should try.

2. Rytr

ChatGPT substitutes emphasize conversation, information gathering, and general AI tinkering. Rytr, on the other hand, is an AI that aids in writing. This AI writing assistant is concerned with producing high-quality copy in various circumstances. A language AI model powers Rytr, which in turn enables copywriters all over the world to create content for ideation or everyday use.

Depending on the type of copy you want, Rytr comes with more than 20 tones and 40+ use cases. It even supports 30+ languages, including all the popular ones, for those who don’t want English outputs.

According to Rytr, all content generated by the platform needs little to no editing and should be flawless. Rytr even offers an SEO analyzer, WordPress plugins, and a Chrome extension for more functionality.

You must create an account to use Rytr. Select metrics like language, tone, use case, creativity, variations, and idea once you’re inside. You can choose from various use cases, such as asking Rytr to write a story, business ideas, blog writing, interview questions, and much more, as was already mentioned.

The generated copy accurately alters the article’s structure depending on the use case. 10,000 characters are included in the free plan for new users, but they can upgrade to more by signing up for the premium plan. Starting at $29 per month, Rytr has a fair price. So try it and see if it works for your copywriting requirements.

3. Socratic AI

This AI tool is aimed at children and is not a replacement for ChatGPT. Socratic is an education-based AI that currently belongs to Google and assists students in answering simple homework questions. The app makes use of Google AI, which is used to provide answers on a variety of topics. Socratic supports every important subject, including Science, Math, Social Studies, and English Grammar.

The app’s primary function is to use the camera to visually present solutions to various issues. All you have to do is choose a question and upload a photo of your assignment. Once finished, select your question and crop the image. In a matter of seconds, Socratic looks it up and offers a solution. If you don’t like taking photos, don’t worry; this AI app also supports text and microphone input.

Even though I’m not particularly good at math, I looked up a few challenging equations. To Socratic’s credit, all of them were successfully resolved and worked well. It’s not just limited to math, though, as the AI can quickly respond to written questions with real-world solutions.

4. PepperType

Another AI service that prioritizes providing a variety of text-based content, like Rytr, is Peppertype. A wide range of content platforms are available on Peppertype, including but not limited to Google Ad Copy, Quora Answers, Blog Ideas, e-commerce product descriptions, blog introductions, conclusions, and others. There is a lot of variety here, including a rewrite of the content.

The website has been designed intuitively. As such, you can divide the platforms based on categories. Besides all these use cases, Peppertype covers 25+ languages for expansiveness.

I tried out Peppertype for various use cases and was satisfied with the service’s performance. The output content is true to your request and does well. The copy required little to no modifications, and I could easily copy the paragraphs and paste them wherever. However, the content rewriter is not that great. When asked to rewrite a paragraph, Peppertype barely made any changes and presented the content as it was.

Peppertype offers a free plan that allows you to write up to 5000 words of content. You can choose from several plans, including the Starter plan, which increases this cap to 50,000 words for $25 per month.

Use The Top ChatGPT Alternatives Right Now

We hope some of these ChatGPT substitutes perform on par with the original AI chatbot. Once you’ve finished looking through these, see these top AI art generators and browse them using AI visuals.

Check out the linked article if you’re interested in deepfake websites and apps that let you alter your appearance and produce original visual content.

Are there any additional ChatGPT substitutes you would like us to include on this list? Post your ideas in the section below!


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