Cheap Tropical Vacations – 13 Surprisingly Cheap Tropical Vacations You Can Visit


Cheap Tropical Vacations – 13 Surprisingly Cheap Tropical Vacations You Can Visit

Although it’s simple to associate the word “tropical” with an expensive price tag, there are many must-see vacation spots with gorgeous palm-lined beaches and warm weather all year long that won’t break the bank.

These tropical locales offer an affordable and enjoyable place to unwind for those prepared to venture off the beaten path, from the idyllic Caribbean and Mexico to Asia and South America.

Numerous beach getaways on this list compiled by U.S. News also provide a selection of lodging choices, such as comfortable bed-and-breakfasts, opulent hotels, and even all-inclusive resorts.

Are you prepared for an affordable tropical vacation? Explore some of the best and most affordable tropical getaways to add to your travel itinerary for this year.

Cheap Tropical Vacations

We have prepared a list of 13 surprisingly cheap tropical vacations that you would love to visit:

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, which encompasses the resort city of Cabo San Lucas on Mexico’s Baja peninsula, benefits budget travellers with its selection of all-inclusive resorts and prevalence of vacation packages.
It’s often a breeze to secure an all-in-one travel package that will combine your airfare and hotel stay for less than the cost of buying both separately.
Plus, with the plethora of beautiful (and free) beaches available to visit, you won’t have to spend much money on activities.

2. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica is renowned for its stunning beaches with fine white sand, breathtaking Blue Mountains, and dynamic culture.
Due to its laid-back appeal, laid-back beaches, and calm waters—all ideal for young children—Montego Bay is particularly well-liked by families.
Instead of purchasing inexpensive travel and lodging separately, search for vacation packages that combine the two and frequently provide savings.

3. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, a tropical and intriguing destination, is ideal for tourists seeking stunning landscapes, inexpensive lodging, and delectable cuisine.
Due to the favourable exchange rate ($1 equals almost $35 Thai baht), this cultural hotspot in Thailand is renowned for its laid-back beach atmosphere, cheap hotels, and affordable activities.
While you’re here, visit the well-known Big Buddha, unwind in a Thai-style spa, and go on a boat tour to take in the scenery.

4. Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos offers some cheap hotels (with rates that frequently fall under $100 per night), lovely beaches, and a nonstop party scene.
For a day of sunbathing and drinking, tourists swarm to popular Greek beaches like Navagio and Gerakas.
The National Marine Park of Zakynthos in Greece is a great place for snorkelling and offers visitors the chance to see nesting sea turtles.

5. Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

This tropical paradise draws visitors with its snorkelling and scuba diving, cultural flair, and proximity to everything from beaches to the well-known town of Ubud.
Bali, a province of Indonesia, is well known for its affordability.
In addition to finding four- and even five-star lodging for less than $85 per night in Denpasar, you’ll also find that a dollar here is worth more than 15,000 Indonesian rupiahs.

6. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This Dominican Republic vacation spot offers beaches with fine, golden sand, clear waters, and a selection of all-inclusive resorts for every budget.
In addition to combining food and drink and some on-site and off-site activities for one reasonable price, these resorts also offer a beautiful setting along the Caribbean Sea.
Additionally, all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana frequently feature many pools and swim-up bars, as well as a variety of restaurants and activities.
You can choose from various family-friendly and adult-only accommodations, which start at less than $200 per night for two people.

7. Pedasí, Panama

You might want to add Pedas, a traditional and reasonably priced small town southeast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula, to your travel wish list.
Pedas, a popular low-cost vacation spot for retirees, offers visitors its serene beach scenery and mouthwatering seafood. It also has excellent hotel rates; you can easily find lodging for less than $100 per night in this region.

8. Belize

Belize has become a well-liked tourist destination thanks to direct flights from many major cities in North America, reasonably priced hotels and resorts, and activities ranging from scuba diving to horseback riding to cave exploration.
For $75 to $150 per night, you can reserve various accommodations in Belize. Then, fill your days with inexpensive dining options and outdoor activities (remember that $1 is equivalent to about $2 in Belize currency).
For instance, a locally brewed Belikin beer in Belize will cost you $2 to $3 in a neighbourhood bar, and entrees are frequently $10 or less.

9. Gili Islands, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Gili Islands, also referred to as the “Turtle Capital of the World,” are a tropical haven.
You can escape the bustle of daily life because there aren’t any motorized vehicles on the roads (but there are plenty of bicycles, horse-drawn carts, and pedestrians).
Plan a week of fun swimming in turquoise waters and diving to see the abundant marine life of the islands by booking a cheap hotel near the beach. Rates for these accommodations can be found for significantly less than $50 per night.

10. Krabi, Thailand

For vacationers searching for lovely beaches on a budget, the Krabi province is ideal.

Powdery white sand beaches, cheap street food, a tropical rainforest, top-notch scuba diving, and luxurious hotels with rates between $20 and $100 per night can all be found here.
Don’t pass up the chance to schedule a boat tour while you’re here; the islands off Krabi’s coast have some of the most breathtaking scenery.

11. Crete, Greece

Crete offers the same old-world charm and affordability as Athens – but with warmer weather.
As the largest island in Greece, Crete boasts mountains, gorges and beautiful beaches, including Elafonisi with its pink-coloured sands and Vai, home to Europe’s largest palm tree grove at nearly 5,000 palms.
Depending on when you visit and if you can travel at off-peak times, you may be able to score a stay at a highly-rated hotel for $150 or less per night. There are even a range of family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Crete, which bundle your food and drinks in with your lodging for one nightly rate.

12. Menorca, Spain

Menorca, also spelt Minorca, is a Mediterranean Sea island paradise with a prime location. In comparison to other nearby Spanish islands, you’ll typically pay less for food and lodging (as well as encounter fewer tourists) here.
Simply put, Menorca is perfect for budget-conscious tourists who want to avoid the tourist-heavy Mallorca and the party-heavy Ibiza to worship the sun in solitude.

13. Sarandë, Albania

The Albanian Riviera resort town of Sarand (or Saranda) is well-known for its crescent-shaped bay, lovely beaches, and nearby archaeological ruins.
The cost of lodging is low; you can easily find well-regarded hotels here for less than $100 per night.
Visitors from the United States will also benefit from the favourable exchange rate, with $1 equivalent to about 105 Albanian leks.
And you’ll be happy to know that this coastal town has a thriving nightlife scene if you’re the kind of traveller who likes to combine partying with sightseeing.

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