ATM Card Security; Things to Check for Before Inserting Your ATM Card in The ATM


Things to Check for Before Inserting Your ATM Card in The ATM

Have you ever gone to the ATM to withdraw funds only to realize that someone had access to private information about your ATM card security and was using it to withdraw funds from your bank account?

If you are wondering how they accessed it, the fault might be linked to when you made the last withdrawal from that ATM. They may have copied your bank account details from your ATM card while you put it into the ATM or through other means.

Although scammers are generating new schemes to deprive and strip people of the money in their bank accounts, there are some cautious steps you have to take, especially when you want to insert your ATM card into the ATM Machine.

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You must check these vital things and be watchful before inserting your ATM card into the machine. Keep reading to find out how these scammers copy your ATM card details.

Below are the things to watch out for before inserting your ATM card:

1. A Skimmer Attached to the ATM card Reader

How to Identify an ATM Skimmer | NWCU

This is one of the easiest ways to copy all your debit or credit card data. A skimmer is a false card reader fixed to the original card reader in the ATM or point-of-sale terminal.

An ATM Skimmer Almost Stole My Credit Card! This Is How To, 56% OFF

They are fixed so that you won’t notice them easily with just a glance, so you have to check properly for any unusual signs on the ATM card reader before inserting your card.

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The Skimmer can read the magnetic stripes on the card and collect personal information that will help them steal from you. It may appear in various forms, so you must be careful.

2. Plastic Keyboard Attached to the Input Buttons of an ATM

How to Identify an ATM Skimmer | NWCU

Like the ATM Skimmer, fraudsters implement this method to steal funds from banks and their customers. They can attach a plastic keyboard to the ATM, which will copy your PIN immediately after you input it.

This keyboard is very similar to the ATM, but you will notice some differences on closer examination. Also, if you receive abnormal signals telling you to put in your PIN again, examine the keyboard before doing so.

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3. A camera Attached to Any Part of the ATM

Debit-card reading 'skimmer' found on Cambridge ATM | Universal Hub

Before you perform any financial transaction at the ATM, check for suspicious objects around you. For example, a small object with a black spot might be a camera placed by scammers to copy your details.

To take adequate precautions, you can shield the keyboard using the PIN.

4. Pretended Helpers

Sometimes, the ATM might be having issues that seem like they can’t be fixed, and in those times, do not pay heed to anyone around you who is encouraging you to put in your PIN once more; they may be fraudsters trying to access your PIN.

Rather, go to the bank and clarify the issues; that way, they (the fraudsters) won’t be able to copy your PIN.

Note: Do not be deceived by their sweet talks and false experiences!


While scammers and hackers are developing new schemes to steal your money from the bank, it is also good to tighten your security, especially when making bank transactions that involve your ATM card, because that is one of the easiest ways to access your bank account.

You can always check for these signs when cash withdrawals with your bank card, especially at the ATM.

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