Code of Conduct and 6 Examples


Code of Conduct and 6 Examples


Every organization needs rules and regulations to guide and check what the workers do. A place without rules and regulations is a disorganized place. These rules and regulations are called the Code of Conduct.


Code of conduct is a well written and arranged document that contains the rules and regulations, what is and is not acceptable in terms of behaviour. It is a handbook of an organization setting forth rules for members. The main aim of a code of conduct is to set and maintain a standard for acceptable behaviour to both members and stakeholder in a company or organization.

Content of a Code of Conduct

A good code of conduct must touch the following areas: dress code, gift and entertainment policies, confidentiality procedures, company core values and vision, ban on illegal activities (smoking, taking of alcohol and use of filthy language), training requirements, company and equipment use and protection.

Also, a good code of conduct must be comprehensive and easily accessible by all the employees and stakeholders. It should have the companies brand to avoid plagiarism. It should be free from jargon.

Examples of Code of Conduct

As long as there are various businesses and organizations, there are many codes of conducts. Some include:
1. Personal Code of Conduct
2. Accountant Code of Conduct
3. Employees Code of Conduct
4. Companies Code of Conduct
5. Facebook Code of Conduct
6. Professional Code of Conduct

Employees Code of Conduct

Employees code of conduct is a legal document that presents guidelines on acceptable behaviour and social norms an individual is expected by his or her employer on a day to day basis. It should mirror a company’s vision, central vision and mission and the companies operational levels.

The employee’s code of conduct is an important section of the company’s employee’s handbook. It should provide an understanding of consequences and disciplinary actions if the conduct is broken.

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Personal Code of Conduct

This is personal and it varies from person to person. It includes a set of rules and behaviours which you set for yourself. These rules guide the action you take in life.

It also includes standard: it can be written down or kept in mind. It is always influenced by an individual’s ethics, morals and values. Examples are:
1. How you treat yourself. (I will not take any hard drugs, I will not look down on myself).
2. How you treat others (I will extend kindness to all others, even when they don’t extend it to me. I will take action to help a person in need if I see their need and am capable of making the situation better.

I will respect differences of opinion by acknowledging the other person’s stance and not pushing their acceptance of mine).
3. How to treat strangers ( I will be kind to strangers).
3. How to behave in a professional setting (I will adhere to the rules and regulations of any professional setting I find myself).
4. My conduct and attitude in difficult situations (If a disagreement turns into a negative argument, I will walk away from the situation, I will control my words when I am angry).
Others include behaviour in an intimate and public setting as well as unacceptable behaviour in any circumstance.

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Facebook Code of Conduct

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. The founders of Facebook deem it fit to formulate code of conduct that would aid the progress of the organization. Facebook code of conduct can be found on the investor relation page of their cooperate website. They are numbered as follows:
1. Introduction
2.Conflicts of Interest
3. Harassment
5. Public Disclosure
6. Financial Integrity and Responsibility
7. Confidential Information
8. Protection of User data and Personnel data
9. Protection and Use of Facebook Assets
10. Compliance with Law
11. Reporting Violation
12. Policy Prohibiting Retaliation
13. Training
14. Amendment and Waivers

Professional Code of Conducts

Various companies and organizations especially the large ones submit their code of conduct on their website for easy accessibility by their customers and employees. This helps consolidate their brand, protect the company, and protect the employees.

Hygiene and household product company Colgate-Palmolive has a 49-page full-colour code of conduct. The parts of the Colgate-Palmolive Code of Conducts are:
1.Our Values and Responsibility: Three sections on values and management
2.Our Relationships: Ten sections detailing specific relationships like those with the board of directors or shareholders
3.Speak Up: One section on reporting concerns.

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