Common Walking Mistakes – 10 Common Walking Mistakes And How To Fix Them


1. The Wrong Shoe

You probably already know that wearing high heels is not recommended. Basketball and tennis shoes are also problematic. These court shoes’ stiffness supports quick sideways movement but reduces the flexibility from heel to toe, which is ideal for walking.

Look for a shoe that is light, breathable, water-resistant, and has a well-padded heel. Both a running shoe and a model designed for walking could be used.

2. Poor Fit

You won’t get the support you need if your shoes are too loose. If they are too tight, they may rub and develop corns or calluses. They should be cozy inside the shop, allowing you to easily move your toes while still feeling secure enough to prevent your foot from slipping.

To get a good sense of your true size, shop later in the day when your feet are slightly swollen.

3. Stuck In A Rut

If you take the same route every day, you risk getting bored and losing interest in walking. To keep it interesting, change it frequently. It improves your motivation and mood and gives your muscles and joints a change of pace.

Consider adding hills to your route. These can increase the intensity and strengthen the glute, thigh, and hamstring muscles.

4. Tuned Out

It may be relaxing to lose yourself in your own music or podcast, but if it’s too loud, it could be dangerous.

If you must listen, find headphones that allow outside noise to pass through and keep the volume low enough to hear what is going on around you, such as a bus speeding by, a car honking, a dog barking, or an ambulance siren.

5. Staring At Your Screen

You could get into trouble if you look down at your phone while you’re walking. You could fall or even move into oncoming traffic. It occurs frequently.

Since 2004, the number of pedestrian injuries related to phones has more than doubled, and 60% of walkers are oblivious to something other than their phones. Before moving again, stop, move out of the way, and complete your task.

6. Doggone Lonely

Fido shouldn’t be left at home. He’ll be overjoyed to go for a stroll with you around the neighborhood. Additionally, that enthusiasm might catch on.

It turns out that people who own dogs and regularly walk them are more likely to complete the 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week that health professionals advise as the minimum for good health.

7. Wardrobe Malfunction

Wearing uncomfortable clothing could make your walk unpleasant. They should be loose, comfortable, and breathable so you can move easily and they won’t get wet from sweat or humidity.

As you become warmer, you can take off thin layers; when you become cold, you can put them back on. If the weather looks iffy, bring rain gear, and don’t forget to wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to prevent sunburn (even on cloudy days or in winter).

8. Losing Count

It’s important to keep track of your steps, miles, kilometers, and minutes. You can then assess whether your exercise objectives are being met. It might also inspire you.

In one set of studies, those who tracked their steps walked about 27% more than those who didn’t. That translated into 2,500 steps per day on average. You can monitor yours using a pedometer or a low-cost smartphone app.

9. Out Of Touch

As long as you don’t become distracted by your phone, having one is a benefit. Devoid of leaving it at home. If you get lost, you can use it to find a map or to call for help.

And you can use it to keep track of your location and distance. Just be sure to charge it before leaving.

10. Slumped Stance

You might have a hunched posture from sitting at a computer all day. But don’t bring it on your walk! The right walking posture can help you walk faster and longer and help prevent injury.

Try to lift your spine as if there were a string pulling you up from the top of your head. Your eyes should be forward, your shoulders down, back, and relaxed. Swing your arms naturally and freely as you lightly step from heel to toe.


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