Domain flipping -The next big thing


Domain flipping -The next big thing

Domain flipping is the act of buying an expired domain name/registering a new one with the aim of selling it to make profits. It is important to understand some terms been used in domain flipping before moving to the next area.

  • Geo domain: These are domains that have names of cities attached to them. An example is
  • Brandable domains: These are domains that have no specific keyword attached to them and can be used for any niche.
  • DNS forwarding: DNS means domain name server and every domain name has a DNS that is attached to it. If you want to list your domain in a market place, you will be asked to forward your DNS to the market place so that whenever visitors visit the site, they will see the price of the domain name and the market place that is selling it.
  • Domain Unlocking: This simply means unlocking the domain name so as to enable it to be transferred from one registrar to another.
  • Domain transfer: This is the process of moving a domain name from one account to another. For example, Mr A sold a domain to B, in order for B to take hold of that domain, it has to be transferred from Mr. A to B. By default all newly registered domain is locked for 60 days and this is due to the ICANN law and hereafter, the domain name can be transferred.


This business is a very profitable business if you know the tricks on how to get profitable domains and how to price them. It is one of the most recommended side jobs as it does not too much of your time compared to other online money-making models.


This is the hard part as people normally say “It is easier said than done”. Before going into domain flipping, it is important to know where to buy domain names, domain name market places, and also domain registrars.

Domain Market places: These are websites where domains are being sold and bought. They are many domain market places but I will list the few and recommended ones below.

Sedo: Sedo is one of my favourite domain marketplaces because it is easier to use. Sedo will send you a registration form which you will have to fill and send back to them as they are wary about who they admit to their marketplace.

Afternic: Afternic is another popular domain name but its signup process is easier compared to Sedo.

Namejet: Namejet is another popular domain market place and they are popular for their domain auctions.

Domain Registrars: These are companies that are in charge of registering domain names and I would recommend that you use any of the following listed below:

There are many other domain name registrars which you can search for via google.


There are many ways which you can make money via domain flipping

Purchasing expired domains and selling them: Expired domains are those domain names which the previous owners did not renew either it is on purpose or not. In order to make money by selling expired domains, it is important to know the type of domain that will sell because not all domains are valuable.

Purchasing Brand new domains, developing them, and selling them: Brand new domains are domains that have not been used before. This method requires patience and it is not recommended for everyone especially for beginners.

Buying premium domains and selling for a higher rate; Premium domains are domain names with traffic and are very expensive. Some of them can sell as high as $10,000. Premium domains are very difficult to sell and this aspect is mainly for those that have been in domain flipping for a very long time.


The most popular place where you can find expired domains is and you will walk you through on how to buy an expired domain name.

Step 1

Go to and sign up.

Once you have successfully created your account, login with your username and password.

At the top of the page, search for, and a sub-menu will appear

  • Now after that, you will have to add filters so as to get rid of the crappy domains.
  • In order to do that, search for Filter on the left-hand side of the screen directly above where the domains are being listed.
  • After you have done that, something will pop up as seen in the image below.
  • Under the Domain Name Allowlist Section, input the keywords you would love to see in the domain name there. Examples of popular keywords are power, generator, solar, and heat.

Note: If you want to buy geo domains then input your keywords in the starts with a box.

  • Navigate to the Adwords & SEO section and in the Adwords Global section, put 10 in the competition field and 5 for CPC then click on Apply filter.
  • Once you have done that, a list of domain names will appear and finally, there are some things you need to look out for before selecting a domain name.


Domain Age: The longer the age of a domain, the more the trust. To find the age of a domain, you can go to and you would see when the domain came into existence.

CPC: CPC means cost per click and it the amount of money that advertisers will pay whenever they want to advertise for keywords in the domain.

      Backlinks: Backlinks make a website easier to rank but the quality also matters so whenever you look at the BL [Backlink column] also look at the DP [Domain pop section]. The domain pop means the number of places the backlinks are coming from. If a website has 1.7k backlinks and 5 as the domain pop that means the websites got 1.7k backlinks from 5 websites only which is spammy.

The popularity of Keyword: The more popularity a keyword has, the more the chances of selling that domain name.

       Competition: To check the amount of competition a domain has, check the CO Field. The higher the competition, the more difficult it becomes to sell that domain.

Length of Domain: The shorter the domain name, the better as long domain names are a turn off to buyers.

Finally, before purchasing a domain name ask yourself questions like what am I going to do with this domain If I were to be the one using it. In that way, you will put yourself in the shoes of the intended buyer and be able to price your domain fairly.


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