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Example Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch or statement is brief summary of a person’s educational and professional qualifications and achievements, as well as important information relating to your career goals and skills.

It is also defined as a description of a company, idea or product that explicate the concept in such a way that audience can comprehend it within a short period of time. It is also a typical explanation of what it does, who the thing is for and how it will get done.

It is also important to prepare in advance as you never know where you will be an opportunity, hence the need to always develop an elevator pitch. Worthy of note is the fact that an elevator pitch is simply a 30-60 seconds overview of your self.

It is this brief introduction that will spur your listener to want to know more about you, thus it is pertinent that you have a clue of what you would say and also be oblivious of how you present yourself.

An elevator pitch can be used to convince an executive or investor with the objective of relaying the complete topic of interest in a fascinating and interesting manner.

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How to construct a good elevator pitch

A good elevator must have the following format;

  1. Name: the first thing the person you are conversing with should know is your name as this can help them remember you when you meet again. It is always important to mention your first and last name (even if you are have a name tag on you) to your audience, except in situations where you are introduced by someone or in an interview.
  2. Educational Background
    Here you let your prospect or listener to know everything there is to know about your educational qualifications and also they are most interested in candidates with specific credentials. If you are yet to complete your program, you are still at the advantage as you can share what you are studying, pending when you will complete your degree. Hence there is need to bring to the attention of your potential employer all the necessary credentials related to your education.
  3. Professional Experiences
    Your professional experiences are very pertinent as you construct a good elevator pitch. You must include all your contributions to the professional field, be it experience as an intern or you have been working in the same company for many years, it is paramount that you include them as they convince your prospect that you have work experience.

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Importance of Elevator Pitch

Elevator has great importance, as it helps you to simplify your content and in a more simplified manner by presenting the information that is straight and direct to the point.

Examples of Elevator Pitch for Job seekers, students and businesses.

For Job seekers:

• “Hello, I am Christian by name and I am delighted about an available position in your company. I observed that you are in need of a candidate with – – – – – – work experience in the field, but permit to tell you how prolific I had been in the previous company or establishment I worked for as I was instrumental in the success of the company.

By focusing on what mattered in the company such as – – – – -, – – – – – and – – – – – -, also I was able to maximize profits in a swift and effective way. If given the opportunity, I could apply the same to your company as I would be focusing on identifying those factors that tend to slow down the growth and the operations of the company.

Here with me is a copy of my resume. I will be anticipating a call for an official interview with you, before the end of next week.”

Note: Always remember to speak in a slow but firm manner, and keep focus on the relevant points you are trying to get across to your prospect, like the ones in the blank spaces above.

• “Hello, I am Christian by name and I am a structural engineer by profession. I am search of a position that will give me the opportunity to put to use the skills and expertise I acquired both as a student and as an employee. I have been involved in several projects in the field and as such I would love to bring that experience gained to your establishment, if given the opportunity. Here is a copy of my resume, would you like to take a look?”

For Students:

“Hello, my name is Christian. I am a fourth-year engineering major at the University of _______ . I have an interest in automobile as a possible career and I am prepared for the internship you are offering. In addition to taking classes, I have spent my time with ______ as a volunteer and working with ______. This internship appeals to me, as I would be working in my field of study . My skills consist of ______, _______ and _______. With me here is a copy of my resume. I look forward to learning more about the position. How possible can I get in touch?”

For Businesses:

• “Hello, my name is Christian and I am working with _____ technology company. I am pleased to meet you. I’m not certain if you have heard about us, but we have done business extensively with _______ and _____. We have found great success with these clients and I am here with the desire to help other businesses. Our products have helped reduce costs at ______ by 20percent, since these technologies are built to use less electricity and have prolonged lifespans.

Unlike other products put out by ______, ours do not have to be replaced, which reduces costs that are not necessary. Our staff are very proficient and always on stand by for any necessary repairs or tech support your office may be in need of in the future.

I am 100 per cent convinced that your company will run at a smooth rate if you incorporate our products into your current setup. By 3 pm tomorrow will be giving a talk on this at the O2 Arena tomorrow and it is my pleasure to invite your company to the presentation. I look forward to seeing you by that time tomorrow”.

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