Email Writing – Top 6 Guide On How To Write a Professional Email With Examples


Email Writing – Top 6 Guide On How To Write a Professional Email With Examples

Writing an email may seem challenging, but don’t fret! This guide will provide a straightforward approach to crafting engaging and intelligent emails, complete with examples.

Now, let’s briefly explore the concept of email. It is a popular method of written communication widely employed today. A successful email is concise and easy to understand. Continue reading to discover valuable tips for composing professional emails.

How To Write a Professional Email

1.  You Must Use a Professional Email Address

A professional email address is typically designated for work-related matters and formal communication. It is often provided by the organization you work for. However, even if you haven’t joined a company, you can still create a professional email address to ensure a polished and professional impression.





2. Make It Brief and Clear

The subject line of your email serves as a concise summary of the purpose or objective of your message. It is important always to include a subject line in professional emails to clarify your audience and allow for easy retrieval of the message in the future, if necessary.

When crafting your subject line, aim to use at least 60 characters and ensure that the goal of the email is clearly stated. Additionally, starting the subject line with the recipient’s name can be thoughtful.

3. Greet The Recipient With a Proper Salutation

The opening line of your email serves as the initial greeting and sets the tone for your message. The greeting needs to align with the professional nature of your email. Your specific greeting may vary depending on your relationship with the recipient.

When addressing someone you have not met before, it is appropriate, to begin with “Dear.” However, if you are familiar with the recipient, you can opt for a more casual greeting such as “Hello” or “Hi.”

To show respect, it is advisable to include a title like “Mr.” or “Ms.” before the recipient’s name. If unsure about the recipient’s gender pronouns, it is best to use their full name instead.

Here are a few examples of greetings:

  • Hi Mr John,

  • Hello Mary,

  • Dear Dr Kenny,

4. The body – It Must Be Concise

Similar to the main content of a letter, the body of your email is where you will convey your complete message. Whether your email is brief or longer, it should be concise and focused. Your information should be actionable, contain relevant details or requests, and conclude with a closing remark. It is important to ensure that the tone of your email aligns with your intended audience.

5. End Emails With a Sign-off and Signature

The signature section of an email is where you provide your identification, including your name, title, and any other relevant information related to your communication. Many email programs offer the option to create a fixed signature automatically added to the end of every email you send. This helps ensure consistency and convenience in your email communications.

You can use words like:





Kind regards,

6. Proofread Your Email

To maintain professionalism and attention to detail, it is important to send error-free emails. Before shipping, you should review your email for spelling, grammar, or syntax mistakes. Additionally, ensure you have included all the necessary files or attachments mentioned in your message.

After proofreading your email, reading it from the recipient’s perspective can be helpful. This approach allows you to identify any overlooked errors or areas that may need further refinement, improving the overall quality of your email.

Professional Email Example

Subject: Request for a product to be approved

Dear Mr./Ms. [Last name],

My name is Mary, and I manufacture liquid soap and hair cream. I have developed a hair cream product that has received positive feedback from numerous users. This product is designed to promote hair growth and fulfil various other expectations associated with high-quality hair cream.

I aspire to have my product recognized as one of the top choices in the market. I am committed to maintaining its consistent quality without any compromises or alterations.

Looking forward to your approval.

[Your name]

[your title]

Jael Okwuchukwu
Jael Okwuchukwu
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