Breaking: Sweden Is Set To Host The Inaugural European Sex Championship


According to reports, Sweden is set to host the inaugural European Sex Championship this month. The championship, organized under the guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation, will span over six weeks. Participants will engage in sexual activities across 16 disciplines.

Sweden Declares Sex As Sport, To Host Inaugural Competition

Participants are expected to devote around 45 minutes to an hour each day to compete in various activities. The length of the competitions may differ, with some matches lasting up to six hours per day. There are about 20 contestants from different countries who have registered to participate. The tournament will consist of daily sexual encounters.

Where & When Will The Tournament Hold?

The European Sex Championship will hold in Gothenburg, the capital of Västra Götaland County, the second-largest city in Sweden.

The tournament is scheduled to start on Thursday, June 8th.

Method Of Analysis:

Judging will be conducted by a panel of three judges, along with audience ratings. The judges will evaluate the participants’ performances, and the audience’s opinions and evaluations will also be considered to determine the competition’s winners.


  • Oral sex
  • Seduction
  • Penetration
  • Endurance
  • Number of orgasms
  • Knowledge about sex
  • Chemistry and communication between partners
  • Appearance, and more.


Scoring will range between five and ten points, with scoring determined through public votes and evaluation by the judges.

It was reported that participants are expected to have a good understanding of the Kamasutra, a Sanskrit scripture on sex and eroticism. Their application of the Kamasutra in different disciplines will earn them extra points.

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The championship organisers emphasized the inclusion of participants from diverse sexual orientations and highlighted the strategic value of sexual orientation in the competition. They hope that other European countries will adopt similar approaches in the future.

Dr Dragan Bratych, the head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, claimed that it was unavoidable to accept sex as a sport. He stressed the potential benefits of sexual activity for physical and mental well-being and the significance of training to achieve desired outcomes.

Bratych compared the process of achieving goals in sex to that of any other sport, indicating that competitive events in this area are a logical progression. He expressed hope for sex to be globally recognized as a sport and highlighted the importance of education and the potential advantages of sexual activity.

According to Bratych, training is essential to attain desired results in sex, just like in any other sport. He suggested that competitive events would eventually emerge in this field, emphasizing that the ability to satisfy one’s partner is the primary determinant of success in this unique sport, unlike traditional sports, where losing often leads to disappointment.


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