Example of a cover letter in 2023


Example of a cover letter 


Before you write a cover letter, you have to understand what a cover letter is and why you need a cover letter. 

According to Wikipedia, a cover letter or covering letter or letter of motivation is a letter written and attached to or accompanying another document like CV or resume. 

A cover letter gives you that opportunity to target the job and employer in a very specified way, giving chance to your resume or CV to target and showcase your skills, accomplishments, qualifications, experience and knowledge as part of the bigger picture you are aiming at showing. 

Having said this, bellow is an example of a cover letter written by an applicant seeking employment in a firm.

Sample/Example of a cover letter 

Dear Sir

Attached to this letter below is a copy of my resume for the position of a Quality Control Officer in your company. I have managed and controlled the quality of goods dispatched at my previous company which i won employee of the month, three months in a row. 

I have had a passion for this job since my childhood, I had always enjoyed the taste of your product and aspired to one day be given the opportunity to preserve the taste and quality of your product, which leaf to studying quality control and making it my profession. 

I would love to be part of the team that keeps and preserve the taste and quality of your product in many years to come. 

I am so excited about this opportunity to use my skills and preserve the quality of a product i loved so much as a child. I would be honoured to get a call from you to discuss how i could put my skills into preserving the quality of your product. 

Yours Faithfully 

Pizzy Ekong

What to consider when writing a cover letter

  • Introduction: introduce yourself to your possible employer 
  • Identify the kind of job you are applying for 
  • Prove that your skill, experiences and achievements match the skill and experience needed for the job.
  • Encourage your potential employer to look at your resume 
  • Conclude with a call to action, i.e. request an interview or a phone call. 

How long should a cover letter be?

Always make sure your cover letter is just one page. A cover letter is just a summary of your resume, so always ensure it is just one page. Do not overwrite. Keep it very short and interesting.

How to Write an effective cover letter 

Always use a different cover letter to apply for each job. Your cover letter has to show that you know and understand what is involved in the job and what your employer is looking for.

To do this effectively, be specific about your skills and experience. You must also show that it matches the job’s description and needs. 

Try to identify to who the letter is to be addressed to avoid using To whom it may concern (at that point, it might not concern anyone). Try to find out the name of the person who will read your cover letter and address it to the same.

Suppose the vacancy was seen in an advertisement. In that case, the employer’s name should be available on the advert, but if not, then call the company or the advertising agency to find out the employer’s name. This will take effort, but it will be very worth it. 

Find out everything you can about the job. Find out how the working conditions are. Find out if you need to work in a team, if you also work on weekends, try as much as possible to know everything the job demands to know if you will be able to work in those conditions or how to adjust to the conditions. 

Also, learn more about the company you are applying to work with. Know what goes on in the company. How employees are treated, find out what kind of employer you will work for.


Always remember to keep your cover letter short and simple. Follow the above guidelines, and you can write an effective cover letter which will interest your potential employer. 

Do you have a comment or question on the Example of a cover letter as discussed above? Kindly use the comment box below.

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