Example of an obituary


Example of an obituary 


When we lose a loved one, we often put down things about the person describing his life right from birth to death, his achievements both in school and while practicing his career. We say lots of things telling you how much the person was loved including farewell messages and others too. Having said all this, the question still remains, What is an Obituary?

Meaning of Obituary

An obituary is often seen on newspapers talking about the death of a loved one. For many people, it is often the last thing written about the person. This is more often a farewell to the deceased, talking about his life in summary. It is sometimes used as a means of informing people about the demise of a loved one. Obituary also provides information about the burial service or anything that will be done in memory of the deceased. 

Contents of an obituary

  • Announcement 
  • Biographical contents 
  • Survivors 
  • Info on service 
  • Memorials 


In this section, the full name of the deceased is stated, the date of birth and death is also stated. It is sometimes advisable to use picture of the deceased so people can easily identify who the obituary is for. 

Biographical contents 

Here you are to state his accomplishments in life, starting from the schools he has attended to the degree which he has gotten and also where he has worked and where he has gone in life. 


In this section you state his survivors, his/her relatives from wife/husband, sisters, brothers, children, grandchildren if any. Telling people those left to continue his linage. You state all his predeceased information in this section too i.e, his parents living or not. 

Information on service 

This section contains information about the burial service of the deceased. Here you state the church carrying out the burial service, the location where the service will take place and where the deceased will be laid to rest. 


Here you provide the mailing address to organisations or any charity which any memorial donations will be made to i.e if the deceased was part of such organisation or used to carry out such services. 

Obituary samples 

Example of an obituary -XYZ, Abc

Its in great sadness that the family of XYZ, Abc is announcing the death of their beloved father and husband after a brief illness on Sunday 13th July 1989 at the age of 908. 

XYZ, Abc will be missed by his wife Mary and his three children, Messi, Mikel and Joan. He will also be missed by his 6 grandchildren Mathew, Peter, James, Bassey, victor and Idara. By his sister marry, his brother Zlatan, his mother-in-law Arit. XYZ Abc was predeceased by his sister Joana. 

A funeral service in honour of XYZ will be held on 13th august 1989 at St Patricks primary school, Oroku local government area. He will be laid to rest at his family compound at Urufong Oroku. The funeral service will be handled by the apostolic church. The funeral service starts at 9 am.

Example of an obituary -Anenechi Chiwetelu

The family of Anenechi Chiwetelu holds great sadness in their hearth as they announce her demise. Anenechi gave up the ghost on Tuesday 20th December 2033 after a brief illness at the age of 67. She was survived by her husband james, her three children bright, charity and emmanuel. Her sister praise, her brothers harrison and mathew, her grand children hanson, miracle, vera, precious and patrick. 

A funeral service in memory of Anenechi will be held at her family compound at oron. The service will be conducted by the presbiterian church of God. Funeral service is set to commense by 8am. The family of Anenechi wishes to invite you all as the lay to rest their beloved wife, mother and sister. 

In conclusion, when writing an obituary, it must be worthy of your loved one. It shows how much you are going to miss the person and how much the person means to you. Obituary is also used to inform the public about the demise so when writing it, it must be worthy of the deseased. Showing how much you really loved the person and how much you are going to miss him or her.

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