Examples of Essay Topics – 10 examples for expository, argumentative, descriptive and narrative essay


Examples of Essay Topics

What is an Essay

An essay as defined by Oxford dictionary is a piece of writing that describes, analyzes, and discusses a particular subject or topic. It varies in the number of words, number of paragraphs etc. It can be formal or informal, depending on what you are writing on.

Dignity, serious and logical purpose are what make up a formal essay while humour, rambling structure, self-revelation, personal experiences etc, are what characterize an informal essay.

Essays are widely used as daily life observations, author’s reflections, arguments, literary criticism among others. Considering the United States of America for example, essays have become the central part of formal education. To help improve the writing dexterity of secondary school students, they are being taught structured essay formats.

In other academic areas like social science, essays are mostly used as a medium for assessing students’ performances while it is also used to select applicants in the university.

Sadly, universities and other tertiary institutions are facing a challenge, where students are now purchasing and presenting pre-written essays from ghost writers as their own work and this prompts the university management to check for plagiarism on any work they sense is from these ghostwriting institutions, as plagiarism is a serious academic fraud that requires severe consequences.

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Types of Essays and Essay topics

There are basically four types of essays namely; expository, argumentative, descriptive, and finally narrative.

Expository Essay

An expository essay is an informative text that gives a complete and detailed explanation of a given topic.

Examples of expository essay topics

• Explain the effect of various genres of music on society.
• Explain in detail why students listen to a particular type of music.
• Explain why most teenagers skip school.
• Explain the possible outcome of skipping school.
• Explain why teenagers engage in drugs.
• Explain the effect of covid-19 on world economy.
• Describe the likely consequences of taking drugs.
• Explain the possible effects of poor drainage system on human health.
• Explain the possible consequences of joining bad group in School.
• Explain the effects of abortion.
• Explain the effects of overcrowding.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that takes a stand on an issue of controversy or debate and tries to provide concrete evidence in support of that stand. In writing an argumentative essay, the author is either writing in favour of or against the topic of debate.

Examples of argumentative essay topics

• Should there be laws regarding the use of mobile phones while driving?
• Has the internet impacted positively to the human society?
• Should coaches earn more than the players?
• Should there be laws against smoking while driving?
• Should the use of tobacco be banned?
• Gay marriage should be banned.
• Public smoking should be banned.
• Why traveling by air is safer than traveling by land.
• Why sex education is important for teens.
• Why sex working should be banned.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of composition or paper that describes an object, person, process, or event. The author’s aim is to create or show a lively reading experience rather than narration.

Descriptive Essay topics

• Describe the possible consequences of poor performance in school.
• Describe the various stages in human reproduction.
• Describe the processes involved in baking cake.
• Describe in 500 words your best food.
• Describe your role model.
• Describe the weirdest person you have ever met.
• Describe the place you love spending time most.
• Describe the person you miss most.
• Describe your favourite movie channel.
• Describe your favourite artiste.

Narrative Essay

Narrative essay is another type of essay that centres on personal experiences or story. It allows the writer to express personal feelings and emotions as he relates his experiences to the public.

Examples of narrative essay topics

• Your most embarrassing moments.
• The worst accident scene you ever witnessed.
• The worst birthday you ever attended.
• The best date you ever had.
• The worst wedding ceremony you ever attended.
• Your first day at school
• Your worst day at school.
• A time someone you never anticipated rendered help to you.
• A story of how you lost a loved one.
• Your first experience with an aero plane
• Your favorite holiday and how you celebrated it.
• Your graduation day.
• The day you did your matriculation.
• A difficult decision you had to make.


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