Examples Of Hyperbole – Meaning, Description And 30 Examples


Examples Of Hyperbole

Have you ever exaggerated to such an extreme extent that the people around you couldn’t help but be astonished, resulting in them standing there with their hands folded across their chest and their mouths wide open in disbelief? If so, I must say you are hyperbolic!

Hyperbole examples can be found in both literature and everyday speech. Hyperbole is a figure of speech that employs exaggeration to make a point or emphasize something. The term “hyperbole” originated from a Greek word that means “excess,” and it stands in contrast to understatement.

Exaggeration is amplifying or overstating something beyond its realistic extent or significance. It involves emphasizing or magnifying specific aspects or qualities to create a more pronounced or dramatic impact.

When you say, ‘Her makeover is more colourful than rainbows,’ it is an exaggeration to emphasize the intense impact of the makeover. In reality, no one’s makeover could truly be as colourful and bright as rainbows. The statement highlights the powerful effects of the makeover

When thinking about incorporating hyperbole into your speech, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Determine whether your exaggeration is describing a feeling or a quantity.
  • Ensure that your exaggeration makes sense and sounds natural.
  • Your statement is ready to be used if you are confident that your speech meets the above criteria.

Hyperbole Examples

  1. I could eat a mountain of food when i get home, I am so hungry.
  2. I slept like a rock.
  3. Quickly give me a hand with some things, I have a million things to do.
  4. The coffee is taking forever.
  5.  I put my blood and sweat into building that house.
  6. I will die if I am not chosen for the contest.
  7. He is a truckload of intelligence.
  8. My mom is so fat I could mistake her for a bouncy bed
  9. My money is like the sand in the sea.
  10. KFC makes nice meals, I may have to eat a horse.
  11. Your voice is louder than the Krakatoa volcano.
  12. Your legs are like an elephant’s.
  13. His car cost a bazillion dollars.
  14. I will die if I stop singing.
  15. Add some weight, you are light as a feather.
  16. My family members are drowning from my love.
  17. The wind can outside can sweep me into the Bermuda Triangle.
  18. Telling her to cry a river is gross.
  19. What I know how to do best is sleep for a year.
  20. When Paul was asked to go on a trip, his joy filled the Atlantic Ocean.
  21. Mike Tyson Is Not Stronger than my password.
  22. Grandma is older than the hills.
  23. I have seen this movie a thousand times.
  24. There are butterflies in my stomach.
  25. This hairdo cost me tons of money.
  26. I am such a broken bottle.
  27. Mathematics is so sugary.
  28. He carries his children like eggs.
  29. That bag is my life.
  30. Unfulfilled promises hurt like surgery.

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