Famous Nollywood Actor Renounces APC membership


Hollywood veteran actor and former ardent member of the All Progressive Congress, Kenneth Okonkwo, has renounced his membership and publicly detached himself from the all progressive congress.

Famous Nollywood actor renounces his APC Membership

As the All Progressive Congress suffers heavy criticism for Applauding the Muslim—Muslim presidential procession, the Nollywood actor, on the grounds of intrusion on equity, tendered his official resignation via an Instagram post on Monday the 11th of July 2022.

He stated, verbatim, that the cause of his decision was ultimately a result of the Muslim—Muslim presidential candidate’s and the APC’s decision to run with it.

Recall days back that Presidential Aspirant and former governor of Lagos state, Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu delivered the ice breaker and revealed who his running mate is; Shettima, the two-term former governor of Borno state.

To this, in his statement, Kenneth Okonkwo versified that if the Muslims could willfully move for a southern president then it is merely surreal for them  to abhor electing a northern Christian for the vice presidency.

Kenneth further pointed out that the action would hasten the destruction of possible political activities on the side of northern Christians, drive a stake through the concept of peaceful coexistence so far Nigeria’s ethnic diversity and religion is concerned, eliminate fairness and add little to the protection of netizens which is expected to be paramount.

Famous Nollywood actor renounces his APC Membership

His statement read;

“If Muslims could voluntarily vote for southern presidents it is then a fallacy to insinuate that they cannot accept a northern Christian vice president…

…This will permanently destroy the political viability of Northern Christians in Nigeria if allowed to stand. This is in the addition to the failure to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians which should be their primary responsibility. The country is also in shatters.”


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