Fix corrupt memory card -How to fix corrupt memory card without losing files


Fix corrupt memory card -How to fix corrupt memory card without losing files

All technological peripherals and terminologies have a tendency to malfunction, some might, as a cause of poor maintenance self obliterate, some on the grounds of unforeseen eventualities resolve to stop functioning, this is not a call unto death, appropriating such situations like this may demand utter change.

But the excessive burning of money might become unwholesome the need to get your hands dirty might help abate the stress of selecting a replacement for something that can easily be repaired.

The first step to being taken in repairing a corrupt memory card is knowing;

The signs of a corrupt SD card

Detecting the signs on time would be key in reverting a damned SD card to its original state- whatever findings would compel you to source for solutions, and from there recovery would begin.

Signs of damaged SD card;

– when connected, the PC is unable to determine the location of the card.

– it doesn’t reflect or appear in the device’s file explorer, if it does folder sizes always display 0 bytes.

-the device develops stumbling blocks while trying to read or open the card folder.

– unavailability of specific access to certain files or folders.

– a notification clearly indicating a corrupted or destroyed SD card.

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How to fix corrupted SD Card with laptops or desktops

In order to fix damaged SD cards with a computer system, the use of chkdsk should be employed.

To use this process, the following will be required;

– Obviously a computer with a functioning windows Operating system.

– Exhaustive knowledge of computer operations. ( not compulsory but still needful.)

– a functioning USB cable.

– An Andriod device embedded with the corrupt SD card (a card reader can be used in place of this).


1. Type “cmd” into the start menu’s search field, this would be followed by the appearance of “command prompt.”

2. Right-click and run Command Prompt as Administrator.

3. Insert your SD card correctly through the means of a USB cable linking your phone to your computer, or simply with a card reader.

4.Go to “My computer/This PC” and check for the drive, it would appear with the sobriquet “G”.

5. Go back to the command prompt and type “chkdsk g:/f” on the command prompt and press enter.

6. Exercise patience while the process takes place. After that check the SD card to see if it’s functioning.

Note; if there is no certainty about the SD card name, it should be ejected and the user should take time to study the appropriate letter as indicated in “My computer”( e.g C: or D: e.t.c). Reconnect the SD card after doing so and locate the new letter.

It is okay for your system to attempt to install the SD card, this happens every time connections of such are been made for the first time.

How to recover lost data from SD cards

To recover deleted or lost data from an SD card, it should become an incentive to make use of data recovery software.

With such, it becomes easy to access your infected SD card and recover the data on your computer even if it has not been completely repaired.

The recovery tool is indeed a highly advanced mechanism that aids users in the recovery of deleted or lost data from a corrupted SD card.

How to operate a data recovery software, and which is most recommended for use

Before a data recovery software becomes effective it has to be downloaded and installed using a computer as the housing body. Launch the program and connect your SD card upon doing so the program would detect it.

Just for the purpose of a case study one of the handiest data recovery software to use is “fonepaw“, it’s free and effective.

-Select Data types for recovery:

Select the data type to recover from an SD card or “All file types” from the UI. To proceed, click on the next.

-select an SD card for scanning.

Select the SD card displayed in the software and press the “start” button. By default, it will proceed with the scanning of your SD card, if the data you’re trying to recover can’t be sighted try again in “Deep Scan mode.”

– Recovery.

After the scanning process has been completed all scanned-out data would be able to be reviewed, if there is a need to restore the data from a corrupted SD card, use the interfaces “recover.”

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