Check out 5 Amazing Free Video Animation App for Androids


Check out 5 Amazing Free Video Animation App for Androids

‍Creating an animation is a way of giving life to a lifeless thing or object and does not only add life, but it makes your video quite engaging by adding motion to an image, text or view.

Since the creation of the first animation video in 1908 by the French cartoonist Emile Cohl. And since then, the world has gone a long way in the animation industry.

Recently, animation is not only used in the entertainment industry but is used everywhere in the world today.

Though video animation is not what you may call an easy task but you can create your animation with the few apps mentioned below. These software apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Here is a list of free video animation apps meant for you!

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Best Free Video Animation App



This is a 3D app that is user-friendly, and it is free with purchase options. It is motivating to realise that you can use it today to make videos for kids and teens.


  1. It is a storytelling 3D app
  2. It makes room for a variety of skills
  3. You can create and edit video animations with this app


  1. It cannot be contained in an older device
  2. It can’t be recorded in group
  3. Not the best option to give you more control and creative ability

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This is a 2D free video animation app


  1. It is  secure to use
  2. It has an amazing software package for beginners, preparing them for more advanced animation-creating
  3. It updates regularly
  4. Has iCloud for saving files
  5. It has options for importing external videos
  6. One of the best apps for making flipbook animations in cartoon style


  1. Offers slow support sometimes
  2. No advanced features

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As the name suggests, Pixel Studio allows you to create pixel styles suitable for beginners and experts with a multi-layer approach.

It is the best app for Android and iOS, and with it, you don’t need to worry about losing your work, thanks to auto-save and backup features.


  1. Allows you to create pixel styles
  2. Suitable for both beginners and experts
  3. Has auto save and backup features for storing your work
  4. Supports external drawing tools


  1. a) Need a pro-version to be able to disable adds




Do you love creating cartoons? If that is your hobby, here is the best app for your cartoons!

Flipaclip is one of the amazing free video animation apps that can create wonderful video animations by sketching and storyboarding, which is far better than the stick figures. It is known for its frame-by-frame animations, and it is free!


  1. It provides options to help you share your work to any social media platform of your choice
  2. Has an Mp4 format to help you save your work
  3. Brushes, lasso, fill and paint bucket that will make your video animations look superb


  1. It is easy to learn and use
  2. Gives maximum support to customers
  3. It helps you create amazing cartoon video animations
  4. It updates regularly


  1. One has to upgrade to the pro-version of this app before one can disable adds
  2. If a file or project is not saved and you delete the file, it will be deleted in all the frames




  1. Many import and export options like GIFs, PDF sheets and even Photoshop layers
  2. Does onion skinning
  3. It has a clutter-free user interface
  4. Brushes
  5. Varieties of pencils

Price: free (with in-app purchase options)


  1. Powerful and advanced tools
  2. Easy to use
  3. Exports animations in the form of video file or PDF
  4. Supports color-coded onion skin drawings


  1. You have to opt in for in-app purchases if you want to remove ads or get additional materials or tools
  2. Limited brushes are available

Animation Desk is a 2D animation app that helps beginners to learn faster and easily, and in its onion skinning feature, your animation video will be the best with just a free animation app!

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This free video animation app is the right tool for both beginners and pros, made available in various forms to give your video the best design you want.

Just tapping the right app for you is enough to add you to the world of video animation.

But you have to know your objective and experience level to be guided to the top-ranking video animation app to make your video have the finest design, look perfect and superb.

Even an Android user can perfectly enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

Jael Okwuchukwu
Jael Okwuchukwu
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