Goal setting- Meaning and 5 steps to setting achievable goals in 2023


Goal setting – Meaning and 5 steps to setting achievable goals in 2023


At the beginning of every year, everyone wants to be productive at whatever they do. People take down resolutions, plan and prepare for the various areas of their lives they want to see growth and there absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The year 2023 is still very young and we all have a lot of things in mind as individuals that we hope to achieve as the year goes by. Some of us want to see that we grow financially by earing better, some of us either want to lose or add some weight, some of us want to save better, while others just want to either sit back and relax or pay better and more attention to their health.

What is Goal Setting?

A goal as defined by the Merriam Webster English dictionary is something that you are trying to do or achieve, especially over a particular set time. Goals usually have targets. Goals are set by people from time to time in order for them to see change.

When goals are achieved, they have a way of telling whether or not a person is improving in a particular thing, habit or a way of life, or even a skill. Goals are equally set to help us be better at what we do.

Setting goals is crucial when it comes to making progress. Even the holy book, the Bible, states it in the book of Habakkuk 2:2 (paraphrasing) that we should write our visions and make it plain (obvious, glaring, clear enough and easy to understand that if anyone sees it on the wall, even if he is not a member of your team or not a part of your ship, he or she will be able to run with it and join in achieving that goal.

How to Set goals – Goal setting

It has been said that goals have a way of showing us what to do and how to go about it. It might be an activity or a habit that makes us set goals but the reason behind setting a particular goal goes a long way to help keep us motivated and focused on setting a set goal.

There is no one way to the goal setting, but there are varieties of tested and proven ways to go about setting a goal to achieve something with really evident results.

Everything about goal setting and bringing it to life has to do with deliberate actions. If a goal is set and not acted upon, it is simply just another piece of thought.

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1. Have a desire:

In having a desire towards setting a goal, you will be able to point out exactly why you really want to set a goal. This desire could be to have a beautiful and irresistible body shape at the quarter of the year, it could be to have a certain amount of money in your wallet, it could be to save up for a car or a vacation. Your desire for something can actually push or compel you to set a goal and it is the most certain way to achieve something.

2. Have a reason:

The reason behind a thing is more than enough to set a goal. When we have good enough and compelling reasons to do stuff, we tend to act upon our goals and our hearts beat for that reason alone.

Sometimes the reason you want a certain amount of money in your account is that you want to buy a house, send the kids to school or put smiles on the face of that loved one. When we think of the reasons behind our set goals, we are naturally made or motivated to do more and stay committed.

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3. Have a plan/deadline:

This is a very important part of setting goals. One thing is to know what you want to achieve, another thing is to have a plan to achieve that set goal. An example of a goal is to lose 100kg by March, the third month of the year. That is a fantastic goal but if you do not set out a plan to achieve that amount of weight loss, the plan is as good as just being said.

A person who wants to lose that number of kg by that time will have to draw a schedule for daily workout sessions. He or she needs to watch his diet too, the amount of food and the kinds of food he takes, the time he eats on a daily basis and how much sleep he gets.

All of this can either add to or contribute to weight gain or loss. That is why it is important to have an actual realistic achievable plan to achieve a goal. The essence of a deadline is to help you put in work and efforts to achieve the goal.

4. Write it down:

From the above Bible text in writing a vision and making it plain, we can see that writing down a plan makes it even more reasonable. When something is written down, it tends to be remembered even faster than when it is just in the mind.

If we really want to achieve a goal, we must ensure to take it down. When we write, in line with our desire and reasons, we have no other option than to work tirelessly to achieve a goal Make sure to write that goal down and spell out the “how-to” which is the plan to use in achieving that goal.

5. Act on it:

Having a goal is not enough to make it play out. It is more important to actually discipline ourselves to act upon the plan we have written dow. Even if it means waking up at 4 am every morning for a workout session, just to have that great body or bending your back to work and get an amount of money just because you want to travel in a yacht. We must be ready to act on and put in all the work that is required.

6. Stay focused:

Now, too many times, whenever we set goals, especially at the start of a year, maybe in the office or in our personal life. We must learn to discipline ourselves to not be distracted. Sometimes, other people’s progress can make us discouraged but if we look at the big picture and the reason behind the goal, we will have the interest again.

Goal setting -Conclusion

Having the plan to achieve a goal and writing it down makes it even more realistic and achievable. Whatever it is and whatever it takes, one must be disciplined and remember the reasons behind the goals. Pick those reasons from behind and keep them right in front of you to keep your mind on it and to stay without distractions.

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