Relationships – 3 Things you Must Do to have a good relationship


Relationships – 3 Things you Must Do to have a good relationship

Making friends is as easy as pie if you know exactly how to do it. You do not necessarily need to have a degree in psychology or human relations to become a professional at making and keeping friends.

There are simple, deliberate steps that can be taken by you in becoming a person that is easily loved and irresistible. The rewards of being a people person are quite enormous as it affords you the opportunity to benefit immensely from the largesse of many who have taken a liking to you. 

It is also a skill that can find you in safety at a time when many others find themselves in trouble.

The story is told of a young female worker who found herself having a near-death experience by being trapped in a company cold room, only to be saved by the security guard who went in search of her and rescued her simply because of her benevolence extended towards him at the gate every single day while others never even extended a warm greeting before.

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Simply being a polite individual with no strings attached can be of such great benefit to you and the community in general.

To become this loveable kind of person who basks in the euphoria of grace and truth, there are two things you must know and do as a person. These two things are absolutely indispensable in the journey towards making and keeping friends, especially in a time and season when the love of many seems to wax cold, uncertainties are on the rise, betrayal is a common feat and people do not hesitate to turn a blind eye to the cries of humanity. These three points are:

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  1. Love Love: this sounds so much like an error, but it’s the first step to becoming a whole new person for friend-making and keeping. Personifying love, Love is a person you must not be afraid to meet. In another sense, love is the capsule that changes you from within. Many people are afraid to try love out. Hurts, pains and tearful experiences have made people cringe at the thought or utter of the four-letter word. Many think He doesn’t even exist. Love is God and God is love. The encounter with Him is life-transforming and generally impactful. It leaves an indelible mark first in you and then the global community. The effects are endless. So, first of all, give love a chance. Consider Love’s advances. He’s out to woo you for Himself. Let Him in and then the magic begins to happen.
  2. Love yourself: making friends begins with befriending yourself. There are a ton of things that make you special, unique and simply outstanding: find them. Quit complaining about the things you don’t have or the things you wish you had. Life’s too short to spend all the time worrying about inadequacies, flaws and scars. Yes, it is good to acknowledge these frailties, but by all means, learn to focus more on the bright side. There is a spectacular feature you possess that others crave for, whether you realize it or not, accept it or not. There are people who envy your status as it is, praying that they are given just one chance to have what you have or live in your shoes even if for just a minute. Be proud of yourself. You are beautifully created, and for a valuable purpose too. A priceless work of art is who you are. Own it. Enjoy it. Bask in the beauty of you. This doesn’t mean you neglect working on yourself to become better; it just means you are a wise person who knows you can’t have it all, and you can’t also lack it all. This understanding will build the confidence you need to go ahead and initiate small talk and longer conversations that will blossom into productive relationships.
  3. Love your neighbour: making and keeping friends begins with a genuine interest in the heart. Do not even think you can sustain a relationship with selfish motives. Such a relationship will come crashing down before you know it because it lacks the most basic ingredient needed to keep it strong and productive: LOVE. Become deliberate about lending a hand to someone in need. Do not despise the downstate of someone else maybe even caused by the person’s carelessness. It’s a given that many people dabble into things that destroy them in all ramifications and seem to be too stupid to either admit it, quit it or both. However, as people who have the right understanding, it’s our place to focus on the bright side as we do with ourselves and love the man or woman or even the child that comes your way. It’s so easy to be there for someone who seems to be on the same level as you or who seems likeable enough, but reaching out to people who do not seem to deserve our time and attention is of greater blessing. We don’t deserve love either when we get to look at the bigger picture, so why deny anyone else the great gift of friendship.


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