Google Removes Crowwe From Store, Crimes That I Committed That Made Nigerians Report My App- Adamu Garba


Google Removes Crowwe From Store, Crimes That I Committed That Made Nigerians Report My App- Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba has so far encountered great misfortune as Google recently reacted upon the reviews and ratings his newly developed app “Crowwe” received. He had elected it after proving his app a befitting replacement for Twitter just days after the banning of Twitter took effect and hampered the businesses of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and a host of influencers nationwide.

The former presidential aspirant and CEO of IPI incorporation were among the line of persons to celebrate the downturn Twitter received possibly seeing that as an opportunity to promote his app, this was viewed by many as a self-centered move done to elevate only a singular individual to the detriment of others and as such his app couldn’t escape extreme reviews done with murderous prejudice.

Google acting in line with its code of conduct while regulating all activities transpiring on the play store has taken down the Crowwe app, this development has resulted in many falling under great ecstasy as they engage in celebrating the temporal drawback of everyone’s favorite antagonist on social media, leaving the CEO of crowwe appalled, indeed karma never loses an address.

Adamu Garba with a concession to this oppression views that his ordeal was a result of his “crimes”, speaking on why Nigerians reported his App he said that his unwavering support for Buhari who he believes would make Nigeria great coupled with the fact that he is  Fulani by tribe has made him one of the most notorious criminals in Nigeria.

He made such confession on his Facebook page on Tuesday, listing a couple of other reasons why Nigerians reported his App he said;

“Even though it has no bearing on the reason for crowwe removal from store, we’ve received over a million requests that crowwe should be removed from play store. My only crimes are:

“I support President Muhammadu Buhari, who is our president and I believe he genuinely loves Nigeria like I do. So my support for him continues unceasingly

“My second crime is that I am a Fulani man and I will remain so forever and ever and will never deny who God has made me. and I am proud to be one.

Furthermore, he made mention of his political beliefs which go against the IPOB movement as one of the reasons Nigerians reviles him.

He noted that he would, however, not repent from his ways all in the name of getting irrefutable love from those who dislike him.

“The fact is, I will continue to these paths, I have no regrets whatsoever and I assure you that we will continue to push for Crowwe’s success together with well-meaning Nigerians”.


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