Indian Teen Breaks The Guinness World Record By Dancing For 5 Days 


Indian Teen Breaks The Guinness World Record By Dancing For 5 Days 

Srushti Sudhir Jagtap, a 16-year-old girl from India, has achieved a remarkable milestone by setting a new record for the longest individual dance marathon. The Guinness World Records has officially recognized her incredible feat, as she danced continuously for an impressive 127 hours.

Srushti’s extraordinary dedication and perseverance led her to surpass the 126 hours held by Nepalese dancer Bandana Nepal in 2018. Over five consecutive days, Srushti showcased her passion for dance and achieved a feat that will be remembered in the dance world.

Srushti’s impressive dance marathon took place in the auditorium of her college, where she received overwhelming support from a jam-packed audience, as confirmed by Swapnil Dangarikar, the official adjudicator from the Guinness World Records (GWR).

Throughout the gruelling challenge, there were moments when Srushti felt exhausted, but her parents were there by her side, diligently spraying water on her face to keep her refreshed.

Swapnil described the overall performance as incredibly impressive. Beginning on the morning of May 29, the determined teenager danced continuously until the afternoon of June 3, successfully establishing the new record.

To attain this remarkable record, the Guinness World Records (GWR) specifies that a recognized dance style must be performed with proficiency, and the participant must ensure that their feet are consistently in motion in sync with the music, as stated in the GWR blog.

Srushti, who dedicated 15 months to preparing for this feat, showcased her skills in the Kathak dance style, one of India’s main forms of classical dance. She received training from her grandfather, Baban Mane, who taught her Kathak and imparted knowledge of Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation often referred to as ‘yogic sleep.’

Per the guidelines for records involving marathon activities, participants are allowed a five-minute break for every consecutive hour of the activity. These rest breaks can be accumulated if not utilized. These designated intervals were the only opportunities for Srushti to rest, sleep, or attend to personal needs, such as using the bathroom.

Srushti strategically chose to take most of her rest breaks around midnight. During these brief respites, she would either nap or engage in conversations with her parents, using this time to refresh her mind.

Jael Okwuchukwu
Jael Okwuchukwu
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