Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now.


Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now.

Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now. Bad breath is the extreme release of repulsive odour from the oral cavity. Otherwise known medically as Halitosis, it is a result of poor dental hygiene and can be a sign of declining health.

The causes of such come from a plethora of conditions ranging from bad denture hygiene to having a piece of food particle stuck in your nostrils.

Causes of Bad Breath.

Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now.

Oral scathes.

It can originate from surgically treated wounds improperly catered for, tooth replacement surgery, or plain wounds left unchecked(mouth sores) and/or herpes.

Whichever it is; it creates a breeding hive for bacteria trapped under the tongue, subsisting on the surface of sores and wounds or intertwined with enzymes and saliva. This would eventually result in the release of a pungent mouth odor.

Poor oral health.

Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now. Brushing is a defining factor in proper oral hygiene. The absence of such would result in oral health decline, one symptomized by bad breath, tooth decay, and gum scathes.

For the simple human to permeate through a day without flossing or brushing, his/her teeth would gradually become coated with Plaque ( a sticky film of bacteria) due to remains from previously consumed food items. If such is not treated as supposed mouth odor would become an identifiable feature.


This depends mostly on the type of food you consume.

The likes of bulb products; onions and garlic are stem causes of bad breath as upon consumption they are carried into your bloodstream and en route to your lungs. This would influence your breath greatly.


Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now.The absence of water in the body tends to leave the mouth devoid of saliva. This would result in a condition called xerostomia.

When an individual has a dry mouth the absence of saliva which serves as a natural mouth cleaner would result in the development of mouth odor.
This, of course, is more extreme for individuals suffering from chronic diseases.


Smoking causes a certain degree of gum damage. Thus, inciting more bacteria upon the mouth and further causing bad breath, especially when precautions are not taken to carter for the gum lines.

Albeit, the oral cavity can as well produce a repugnant odor as a by-response of certain medications, and chronic diseases unaligned with the mouth.

Like in the case of nose inflammation and throat sinuses; They both contribute to post-natal drips and foot the causes of bad breaths.

Or that of cancer which, as a result of foreign chemical production, results in bad breath.

How do I get rid of bad breaths?

Halitosis—Bad breath: 6 root causes and why you should see a Dentist now.

For effect to take place from the comfort of your home you can begin with a total self-immersion to oral care.

    • Normalize brushing both the teeth and tongue in order to expunge bacteria subsisting in those areas.
    • Practicalize flossing after a meal, or rather once daily in order to do away with food particles housed in the gum line and in-between your teeth
  • Effect the change of your toothbrush after every 3 months; opt for brushes with softer bristles, the harder ones may look effective but they are only bruising the gum line and adding little progress to mouth cleaning.
  • Make use of mouthwashes and denture-recommended toothpaste. this would directly affect the bacteria hive existing around your mouth causing bad breaths.

See a dentist and/or periodontist (gum specialist); they recommend more vivid ways to effect oral hygiene by;

1) inspecting the gum and teeth. Questioning oral routine and giving feedback constituting do’s and don’t

2) inspecting the gum and rendering immediate procedures for treating oral scathes and sores.

3) they posses foresight of chemicals responsible for influencing the gum line; they know the toothpaste tailoring your problems and the ones solving them.

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Always be hydrated, and avoid dry mouth.
  • Clean your mouth braces, teeth bridges, and dentures.
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