Overcoming Divorce – 11 Things To Do


Overcoming Divorce – 11 Things To Do

Experiencing a divorce can have an impact on one’s mental well-being. Despite feeling that the divorce was necessary, it’s normal to feel emotional about the separation. Mourning the end of a marriage is a typical part of the divorce process, and it may take time to come to terms with everything that occurred. Fortunately, resources are available to support individuals in coping with divorce and adjusting to this new phase of life.

Divorce can be challenging and exhausting, particularly when legal professionals and the court system become involved. Along with making arrangements for the future, such as managing finances and potentially determining new co-parenting arrangements, it can be easy to overlook one’s own emotional state during this time. When the divorce is finalized, the individual may have yet to fully process their feelings and adjust to their new life circumstances.

To make progress, it’s crucial to fully address and work through any emotions that may arise during the divorce process. It’s common to experience various emotions like anger, sadness, grief, and worry. Acknowledging and accepting these emotions is an important step towards moving forward. The tips below can help shift focus and avoid getting stuck in the past.

1. Take Time To Accept Your FeelingsHow Accepting Emotions Can Improve Emotional Health

It can be comforting to begin by recognizing and accepting the emotions you are experiencing. It’s common for individuals going through a divorce or separation to feel that it’s too soon to start thinking about moving on, so taking time to process your emotions can be helpful.

Allowing yourself to cry can be a healthy way to release stress and emotional pain and can aid in coping with a challenging situation. This contrasts with repressing emotions, which involves bottling feelings and can harm one’s well-being.

2. Be Truthful To Your Kids5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Tell The Truth - Parent Cue

It is crucial to support your children during the separation or divorce if you have kids with your former partner. Children may not comprehend the terms like separation or divorce, so it’s advisable to assist them in feeling secure as they adapt to a new chapter as a family. One way to achieve this is by being truthful about the divorce process and addressing any inquiries they may have.

3. Avoid Using Your Ex’s BelongingsWhat to Do With Your Ex's Stuff | Access Box Storage

Keeping your former partner’s possessions in your house can be distressing and could cause frustration. Avoiding constant reminders around the house when coping with divorce might be helpful. Some people might prefer to start anew and purchase new items unrelated to their past marriage. For instance, you might choose to replace the couch you bought for your first home together, which could be a healthy way to move on.

4. Spend Time With FriendsSpend Time With Friends With These 7 Ideas — Her Culture

Spending time with friends can help you to get your mind off the separation or divorce. The support you receive during complex issues like divorce mediation and negotiations can be valuable to you as you heal.

These can be tough times, but coping during a divorce can be easier if you have a solid support system, such as people who care about you and are willing to help you feel better when you’re down. According to one study, you may not always want to socialize and engage in fun activities due to life responsibilities, but social interaction can go a long way.

5. Stay With FamilyThe 50 best family-friendly hotels in the UK | Telegraph Travel

When going through a divorce, having the support of your family can be essential. You may need to stay with them during divorce mediation and negotiations, and this can be an opportunity to seek their assistance and guidance.

Divorce can make you feel vulnerable, but having your loved ones around can help you feel acknowledged and understood. You could ask your family to be there for you emotionally, to lend a listening ear and support you through your feelings. Alternatively, you may ask for practical help, such as moving your belongings.

6. Find what you likeWriting as a Hobby - brilliantio

Engaging in hobbies can be a valuable outlet for managing stress and processing emotions during separation or divorce. Exploring your interests and researching available classes or groups that cater to your hobbies is important.

For instance, you may learn a musical instrument, participate in sports, create arts and crafts, or indulge in games. Devoting time to a hobby can benefit your emotional well-being and can help distract you from the challenges associated with divorce.

7. Exercise RegularlyWhy Exercise? - familydoctor.org

Not only does exercise promote physical health, but it also has numerous mental health advantages. Mayo Clinic reports that exercise can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, thereby enhancing psychological well-being. Additionally, exercise can increase energy levels and trigger the release of endorphins, which can lead to a natural feeling of happiness.

 8. Seek Advice From a Religious MentorThree Transformative Outcomes Achieved with Mentoring | The International Educator (TIE Online)

Religion can provide comfort for individuals in difficult times, and seeking guidance from faith leaders in the community may be a helpful option for those who are religious. For those who do not follow a religion, seeking advice from a mentor could be a viable substitute. Consulting with a religious figure or mentor can assist in maintaining emotional balance through the complexities of divorce.

9. You Can Engage In a Romantic Relationship 15 Topics To Build Your Relationship | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

After getting divorced, you might need to engage in a romantic relationship with someone. According to research, flirting can help alleviate stress. Instead of searching for a serious relationship immediately, you might prefer casual dating as you work through your feelings after the divorce.

Alternatively, you may encounter someone you are compatible with in the early stages of your separation and decide to pursue this new relationship. There are numerous methods for meeting other single people, including online dating platforms or meeting individuals through mutual acquaintances. The crucial aspect is undertaking this process at your own pace and when you feel prepared.

10. Go for TherapyShould I Go To Therapy? 10 Questions To Determine If Therapy Is Right For You | YourTango

Receiving therapy during and after a divorce can be advantageous, as it can assist with managing challenging emotions. A therapist can provide coping strategies for feeling baffled, distressed, or angry. Professional counsellors are equipped to aid individuals in navigating complex and emotionally taxing situations. A recent study published in the American Psychological Association indicated that online therapy can help address divorce-related mental health concerns.

Online therapy offers several benefits to clients, such as convenience since there is no need to travel to an in-person session. It is usually more cost effective than traditional counselling, as no transportation expenses exist. If you are uncertain about the purpose of divorce counselling, therapy is an option to consider.

11. Give Yourself a Break How to actually give yourself a break during COVID-19 | Well+Good

Despite the situation, the complex range of emotions that arise during separation can often be perplexing or alarming. You may not know how to interpret or experience your feelings completely.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there is no right or wrong way to feel and that your feelings are legitimate. Rather than resisting them, taking a breather and being gentle with yourself is essential. Being compassionate and empathetic towards yourself will significantly aid in your recovery from the divorce.

Jael Okwuchukwu
Jael Okwuchukwu
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