How To Check NIN And Link National Identity Number To more than 1 Sim


How To Check NIN And Link National Identity Number To My Sim

Following an order given by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to all mobile phone users and telecom subscribers, to validate their registrations by linking individual NIN to their SIM cards before December 30; but which has stalled till now for some reasons which may be thought of as an extension, it is now very vital to link those SIM cards as unlinked lines will be blocked afterwards.

Here’s how to prevent your SIM from getting blocked.

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How To Check NIN -What is NIN?

NIN is an acronym for `National Identity Number` which is a string of eleven (11) digits assigned to an individual by the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) of course, after a successful registration.

How is NIN Registration done and what is required?

Well, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step, so first steps should be to rise from bed and be grateful for life. Gotcha! What a joke! I`m serious, be grateful though!

To get a National Identity Number, the following data will be requested:

  • A form requiring you to fill in your personal information ( email address, phone number, date of birth, the full name, etc.)
  • Ten fingerprints (from different fingers). But if you envy perfection- those with 7 fingers, you can ask them to include your toes.
  • Camera capture of the bust (head-to-shoulders image)
  • A digital signature.

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What is the Purpose for NIN Registration?

You may be wondering the need to go Stand in a long queue again, after queuing to open bank accounts, customer care service at KYC (Know Your Customer)meetings, why this again?

As no two persons in the country can have the same National Identity Number, this information is used to compare and store your demographic data in the database enhancing transparency in the system and making identification easy in transaction or travel instances like issuance of passport, insurance services, and other Government services.

How To Check NIN- How to get your NIN

Upon registration, you are issued a ballot, which should be used to retrieve your NIN. However, situations are where you have lost it, a sum of N500 is to be paid at any bank via REMITA where the Refer Teller wil be given you to be submitted at any NIMC Enrollment Center (ERC) for a NIN receipt printout.

Alternatively, the NIMC USD service saves you the stress of commuting between several places by dialing a simple code `*346#’ on your mobile device, following the appropriate steps displayed and inputting the correct information required. Type `1` for “NIN Retrieval` if you are using the registered phone number for the process

Note: this process attracts a N20 fee and will be deducted from your credit balance.

How to link your phone number to your NIN


To link your National Identity Number to your MTN phone number, do these:

  • Dial *785# with the number you wish to link.
  • Follow the prompt messages thereafter, to input your NIN, then submit

Or visit with a mobile phone or computer. You will be asked to fill a linking form with your name phone number and email address; do these, submit and wait for feedback from the network providers.


To link your National Identity Number to your Airtel phone number, do the following:

  • Dial *121# with the number you wish to link.
  • Follow the prompt message by entering the appropriate number (e.g. 1 for “NIN CAPTURE“) then send.
  • Type in your 11-digit NIN then send.
  • You will be sent a confirmatory message upon successful submission.


To link your NIN to our GLO phone number, follow these steps:

  • Text “UPDATENIN (space) (11 digit NIN) (space) First Name (space) Last Name“ to 109

or visit any Globacom office nearest to you.

How To Check NIN for 9MOBILE USERS

To Link your NIN to your 9Mobile phone number, do these:

  • Visit with your computer or mobile device
  • Click on “verify and link your NIN now“
  • Input your mobile number and other requirements.

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  1. Can the NIN be linked to more than one sim?

Answer: Yes! This is a KYC procedure. Go to any Telecom office with your NIN slip to do this.

  1. How do I Edit/ correct my name on the NIN registration form?

Answer: Pay the sum of N500 via REMITA for name modification.

To add/ change name, visit any NIMC office with a newspaper publication and court affidavit.

  1. How do I merge my NIN with a new sim?

Answer: This also is a KYC procedure. Visit the Telecom registration center with your new sim card and NIN slip to have your registration updated.

It’s a good thing and an encouragement that the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy has cancelled the N20 NIN retrieval charge, thus making the process easy and free by just dialing *346# to check NIN.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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