How to Check Your Number on MTN: No. 1 is the Easiest


How to Check Your Number on MTN

Do you have multiple MTN sims and find it difficult to keep the numbers in your memory, or do you want to perform a transaction that involves giving out your MTN number, but you have forgotten it?

How to check your mtn mobile number using ussd code in Nigeria - YouTube

We will guide you through how to check and retrieve your MTN number using your device and the particular sim. Those who have used it were grateful, and I know it will be the same with you. Keep reading to find out how!

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How to Check My MTN Number

There are various ways of checking your MTN number that are very easy, and you can do that with your mobile phone. Whether you are a new customer or an old user who keeps forgetting their number, these are the steps you will take to effectively check and retrieve your MTN number.

Method 1: Dail a USSD code.

This is the easiest way to retrieve or check your MTN number; by simply dialling a USSD code, you’ll receive an SMS with your SIM number.

The First USSD Code

  • Dial *123#
  • Press the call button to send
  • A list of options will appear on the screen. Choose option 1 (account info) and send

How To Check Your MTN Number Using USSD Codes & Other Methods (2023) -  Melting Pot Africa

  • Another list of options will appear, and from this last list, select option 1 (My number) and click ok/send.

How to Check your Mtn or Airtel phone number in Uganda - Ug Tech Mag

  • You will receive your MTN sim number in an SMS


This is the second USSD code to use and retrieve your MTN number

  • Dial *663# in that device where you put the MTN sim
  • Bouyah, you will receive your mobile number on your deviceHow To Know Your MTN Number: 5 Easy Methods - Bscholarly


Method 2: Use the Mobile App

Technology has given us another way to check and retrieve your MTN sim number through the mobile app (Available 24/7).

  • Simply install the app (myMTN App) on your mobile device, whether an Android or iOS device and perform all services through the app.

Method 3: Send a call-back Text to a friend.

You can text your friend with the mtn USSD code to send free text messages (*133#) and get your mobile number from it.

Method 4: Call Someone

If you have airtime in that sim, you can call a friend or any other person in your contact list and ask the person to tell you the number, which is always displayed when receiving a call. You can retrieve the number through that means.


What are the codes I can use to check my MTN number?

The codes you can use for checking your MTN number are 1231*1# or *663#

Can I Check my MTN number online?

No, There is no authorized online platform for checking the MTN number.

I Got a new sim. How can I know the number?

The SIM number ought to be in the SIM pack, but if you can’t get it there, then use the methods above to retrieve your number.

I used the four methods but couldn’t get my number; what should I Do?

Keep trying if you have tried the four methods, but none worked out. It may be because of some Network issues, or you can contact their customer care service at

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