How to get required medical certificate for NYSC Batch B stream II


How to get required medical certificate for NYSC Batch B stream II

This is the answer to the question: Is the medical certificate compulsory?

YES! The medical certificate is compulsory. This is to ascertain how fit you are to participate in the para-military activities in the camp and possible measures to reduce the risk of dirth.

This is a welcome development as those who are sick inside will not be overlooked or seen as pretending when they complain of not able to partake in an activity in the camp.

Also, getting a medical certificate from the a recognized/government hospital will reduce the risk of loosing future leaders as measures will be taken to take care of them.

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NYSC has recommended that 2016 NYSC Batch B Stream II should come along with medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted for the Orientation course.

Advise: Please do not try to play with this as you might end up playing with your life.

Make sure it is not fake and it is coming from a recognized hospital.

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Steps on how to get medical certificate

  1. Walk in to any recognized hospital
  2. tell them you’ve come for MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS
  3. They’ll tell you the process involved
  4. Follow the processes as directed in 3 above and…you are good to go.


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  1. What about pregnant women that will not be partaking in the paramilitary activities, are they also required to come with medical certificate of fitness?

  2. Good afternoon sir, zither r is this rumour spreading at only those that receive message from nysc are going for stream two, pls how true is that Sir?

  3. I did surgery some weeks ago, and I’m going with batch b stream 2 , what is likely to happen if I come along with medical report ? Am I going to stay on camp or leave due to my health status, cos I can’t participate in any of der exercises

  4. pls I av a prob with my chest and d doctor r saying that they can not allow me to go for camp except am b treated but I told them to gv me d cert n ask dem to re-deploy me bk so as to commence treatment pls what will I do

  5. sir I’m physically and mentally fit ,but l want to relocate from my state of deployment to other state because I was lucky that ,the state I graduated is my state of origin,also is state of my deployment that is why I need to have a fresh or a new environment sir thank

  6. pls am a married woman who did change of name. so my husband’s surnane is on my green card and call up better but on d medical fitness report, i mistakenly used my father’s name. although my fathers name is also on my statement of result and school id card. would this affect me during registration?

  7. Sir, I did my medical certificate in a health center owned by the government hope it wouldn’t be an issue because someone said it must be a hospital.

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