How to Start and Run a New School in Nigeria


How to Start and Run a New School in Nigeria

With the rising demand for more educational opportunities in Nigeria, the issue of how to start and run a new school in Nigeria has begun to arouse the interest of many.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 60% of Primary school-age children are currently deprived of educational opportunities, which has increased the quest for the development of schools to help curb it.

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To start and run a new school, there are many processes and things you need to get done to increase the school’s success, and there are things you must do before the school is approved and started. These are what we would take you through in the post, read on to find out more!

What are the Requirements for starting and successfully running a new School in Nigeria?

To start a new school in Nigeria, these are the things required from you

Adequate planning and Preparation

Before starting a new school, you must make adequate preparations because it is not easy. You need to know about the risks, problems, and challenges and plan out the strategies you will take to solve those issues so that they may not bring about loss of lives or properties.

Financial Capacity

Before deciding to start a new school, you have to ensure that you are financially capable and will not have any setbacks due to the unavailability of finances. You can also get a loan to help you out better.

School location

The next requirement is the school location. When choosing the location, you have to consider how open it is to danger or harm, the local laws and restrictions in that area and how you can prevent breaking them.


Purpose of the School

What are your purposes for starting this new school, what are the things you aim to achieve in the new school, what is the impact you hope to make in the lives of people you meet through opening and operating this school, these are the questions you should ask your self. that will help you understand better what your aims are.

Government Policies concerning Opening a new School in Nigera

There are some government policies concerning starting a new school; you are required to abide by these laws.

How to Start a New School In Nigeria

To start a new school in Nigeria, these are some questions you should have in mind: where should I register my school? what are the requirements for starting a new school? and more questions may be seen on the lips of most educational enthusiasts. this is what you learn about on this page, and they are listed below:

1. Get a Land

This is the first step you must take to start a new school, purchase land, or you can use leased land for your school. It is where you would construct your school building.

2. Build a standard school Facility

Erect a building on the land you have purchased, and make the building in a way that will be comfortable for both students and teachers without complicating the comfort of your students or pupils.

3. Select your school name

Choosing a school name is a very vital aspect of starting a new school; select a unique, short and catchy name that will arouse the interest of people and, at the same time, give an insight into the purpose of the school.


4. Choose or design the school uniform

This is where you have to bring out the best of the designs that will make your students/pupils stand out from other schools in that location. A school with a beautiful, well-designed uniform has always aroused the interest of kids to attend or be a student/pupil of that school.

Greensprings School, Nigeria | LiteracyPlanet

Sometimes, parents testify that what captured their interest in a school was the uniform design and dressing pattern, which was unique and excellent. So making a combination of simple but well-talored school uniforms is an added advantage.

5. Also, design the school motto and logo

you also have to design or create the school logo, and it must portray the aim and purpose of the school. you can generally go for the motto related to education, like “the Cidetal of Learning”, etc.

261+ Education Slogans, Mottos and Taglines that Pop! (2024)

6. Develop the Infrastructure and social amenities

Sometimes a good school may be classified or recognized by its infrastructural development level. To increase people’s interest in your school then, you have to develop the school infrasture.

Students and pupils always love sports equipment, libraries, cafeterias, and recreational activities.

7. Employ qualified Staffs

The strength of a school is determined by the quality of staff you employ, and that will also either make parents withdraw their wards or testify about your school.

So you have to employ teachers with valuable academic qualifications that will give your students/pupils an opportunity to increase their knowledge and widen their learning scope.


8. Register Your school in the Appropriate regulatory bodies

For your school to be recognized, it has to be duly registered with the appropriate academic and regulatory bodies, such as the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), NAPPS (National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools) and many others.

9. Choose your Academic Curriculum

In order to deliver quality lessons to your pupils and students alike, you have to choose and use a standard academic curriculum for teaching them.

Make them in a way that all required topics for a school session will be completed within that time frame without getting the students tired or worn out and, at the same time, make them learn what they are supposed to know.


With the abovementioned procedures, you can successfully start and run a new school in Nigeria and grow it too!

What more? if you make the right choice and decision, your school will be a great asset to you and society.


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