How to use bootstrap and why they are important


How to use bootstrap 


We live in a world filled with technological developments, we use mobile phones, laptops and other devices that can surf the web. We enjoy logging into social media, opening websites, placing bets on betting sites and applications.

We often enjoy the view of websites, webpages and applications we log into. Coding websites and applications is a beautiful, fun and stressful work, in a later note, things are done to enable coders to ease the stress of typing lots and lots of code in their editor.

These things help coders just call out what they are looking for in order to make their work easy for them. All they need do is just know what they want, and the right code to bring it out. 

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is not a programing language but rather a framework that helps coding easy. With bootstrap, coding is easy. All you need to is know what you are looking for and how to call it out on bootstrap. With bootstrap, HTML and css with some javascript functions are made very easy for coders. 

Let’s look at it this way. Back in the days, our forefathers normally travel on foot, then came the bicycle to aid transportation and make it faster. Later came the automobiles which made transportation much easier than before. In coding that’s what bootstrap does.

Before coders always wrote every single code on a site by themselves, but now with bootstrap, with your knowledge of coding, you will not need to over stress yourself again, what you need is on bootstrap you just need to know how to call it out.

Just take, for example, you need a popup modal, before coders normally code the entire modal, from HTML to CSS and to javascript, but now you can easily call out a popup modal on bootstrap and edit it to your taste. When you need a slideshow gallery, you simply call out the slideshow modal on bootstrap and edit to your choice. 

Bootstrap makes HTML, CSS and some javascript functions easy to get. Without your knowledge in coding, you will not be able to edit the bootstrap codes to suit what you want, that is why you need to be very good in HTML, CSS and javascript.

How to use bootstrap

Before using bootstrap, you have to be very conversant with HTML, CSS and a little javascript. 

With this, you can easily edit the bootstrap codes to your choice. 

  • First of all, you need to download the bootstrap file from its site
  • Safe the file in the same folder your codes are being saved. 
  • Get the code from the bootstrap site, to enable you link your bootstrap to your codes. 
  • You can still get the online code to link directly to their site, with this, you do not need to download the file, you will only need your internet connection to help you connect directly to their site. 
  • Link the file to your HTML codes.
  • You can download extensions for bootstrap on your code editor if it supports it. This extension helps your call out the bootstrap files without visiting their site everytime to get a code you are looking for.
  • Edit and use your bootstrap.

Just follow the steps above and with your well grounded knowledge on coding, you will find things go very easy for you. Bootstrap is here to make coding easy and stress free. Call files up from bootstrap, edit and use, make your site more presentable to viewers, make it user friendly.  

In conclusion, when using bootstrap you will find out, and discover how fun and interesting coding is. This helps take away stress from your work. Learn and understand how to call out modals on bootstrap, also learn how to edit the modals to your taste. Once you are able to do this coding becomes very easy and interesting. Let bootstrap help make your site more presentable. In everything, practice makes perfect. Keep learning and get well-grounded in your coding skills.always have fun with what you do, this will make learning easy for you. You can also learn other frame works to aid your coding and make it easy for you. 

Did you enjoy this post on How to use bootstrap?  Kindly let us know what’s missing or your question via the comment section.



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