According to a recent research note reviewed by Barron’s, Dan Ives, a well-known analyst at Wedbush, stated that the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup would have higher prices than the existing models. Later, during an appearance on CNBC, Ives reaffirmed that the average selling price (ASP) of the next-generation iPhones would rise.

Ives has demonstrated a consistent history of accurate predictions in this area, as he had previously cautioned about international price hikes for the iPhone 14, which Apple later implemented. However, customers in the United States were not subjected to the same price increases.

It is anticipated that this pattern will change with the iPhone 15 range, as several analysts and insiders suggest potential price increases of up to $200, especially for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models.

While Ives has not provided an exact number, his endorsement lends significant credibility to the assertions of price increases. Although customers in the United States may understandably be apprehensive about this, the greatest impact could be felt by international buyers, who might experience a consecutive significant price surge for the second time in a row.

Nevertheless, Ives maintains a positive outlook on Apple and has revised his 12-month stock target from $205 to $220. He sees the iPhone 15 cycle as a pivotal opportunity for the company, describing it as a potential “trophy case” moment.

Ives predicts the company could sell between 235-240 million units during this cycle. His research indicates a substantial backlog of potential buyers, with approximately 250 million iPhones remaining unupgraded for over four years.