June 12: Sunday Igboho sends a strong message to Buhari, opens up on protest


June 12: Sunday Igboho sends a strong message to Buhari, opens up on protest

It first sprung up as balderdash, rant, words from unfiltered mouths, and shallow demands, but of recently the myths surrounding the protest on June 12th has been confirmed to be something more factual than expected,

it has further seized to be rumored as civil right activists and self-declared patriots the likes of Yesufu Aisha, Sunday Igboho and a host of them all have started buckling their belts and knotting their ties in preparation to paint the country “green white green” ones more by simply staging a grand protest to demand from the government the return of utter normalcy in relation to the affair of the state and to ease the every day quagmire citizens have had to Struggle with.

The distinct personage known as Sunday Igboho who is no new character to publicity has made a statement a few days to the designated democracy day June 12. This statement was discovered on a medium platform known as koi koi media, in accordance with what he relayed he strongly supported the protest with great agitation he made it clear that those who are anticipating the presence of the Yoruba nation should organize a peaceful protest.

With the aim of making their voices heard the proposed date for the protest has stood to survive all turbulent opposition even the issued warning released by the commissioner of police who spoke to newsmen saying that anyone who attempts to cause violence in the state on June 12 will be arrested.

Premium news covered the statement made by Sunday Igboho and his spokesman on his online media channel during an interview, the spokesman made it clear to the southwest Governors that the need to ban together and cooperate on June 12 is something of great importance.

Without forgetting the most important person in the country Sunday Igboho through his spokesman crammed the president of the federal republic of Nigeria and his aids together and urged them not to attack the people, he said;

“The lives of the people are important and they must be protected at all cost”.


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