Lagos govt demolished our houses worth #55m – Businessman


I’m now homeless, my family is in great shock after the Lagos govt demolished our houses at Igbogbo worth #55m – Businessman

Lagos govt demolished our houses worth #55m – Businessman, Akinkunmi Olapade, a landlord and occupant of the Oke-Ira community in Ikorodu where over 200 houses were demolished, speaks to EMMANUEL OJO about his loss
Can you compactly introduce yourself?

My name is Akinkunmi Olapade. I’m an occupant of Oke- Ira community in Igbogbo Bayeku Local Government Area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.
Were you affected by the recent mass obliteration of structures by the Lagos State Government in your area?

I’m a victim of the structure obliteration. I lost my house to the obliteration. I also lost my family to it.
How did it be?

She went into shock on hearing the news about the obliteration. She was rushed to the sanitarium but she ultimately failed. She preliminarily had an underpinning disease of high blood pressure; the news of the obliteration exacerbated her condition, leading to her death.
How old was she?

I’m not sure of her exact age now. I might have to reconfirm from my mama but she’s well over 50. She was survived by her hubby, three children and some grandchildren.

She acquired a property in the area, which I helped her to buy. She didn’t indeed want her hubby to know about it. She acquired the property for her children because she suspected that her hubby has children away.

Just in case they take her hubby’s property down from her, at least she’d have secured commodity for the children. It was a plan for the future.
How long agone
did she acquire the property?

To be precise, two times agone
. Since December 17, 2019.
Was it just a bare land that she had there or did she erects a structure on it?

She has a completed structure erected there. A two-bedroom flat and two mini apartments.
Was the land duly acquired? Did she follow due process and have a Certificate of residency?

She didn’t have a Certificate of residency. She bought it from the family of Oke-Ira. She got the family damage.


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