LinkedIn – How To Post a Job On LinkedIn For Free


LinkedIn – How To Post a Job On LinkedIn For Free

LinkedIn continues to dominate the recruiting industry whether you like it or not. It is still the biggest social network created specifically for business networking. And one of the best ways to attract top talent is through LinkedIn job postings.

It’s unquestionably a good idea to post a job on LinkedIn, given its vast information on people’s education and employment history. More than 525 million business users use the platform, increasing access to a wider range of qualified candidates.

How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job On LinkedIn?

It is simpler to connect with passive candidates since LinkedIn is a directory of professionals arranged by industry, company, location, designation, and several other categories.

Undoubtedly, the best tool for sourcing and hiring passive candidates is LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can only post one job for free, though. You must choose paid options like PPC or job slots to post more jobs.

Given that job advertisements are priced according to location, this could be a costly transaction.

The price is determined by how many people click on the job posting. The algorithm will automatically increase your daily budget by 30% if your posting can receive more clicks.

Having said that, spending a lot of money to post jobs on LinkedIn is unnecessary. What if we told you there are ways to avoid these high costs while effectively contacting qualified candidates?

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn For Free?

There are three ways you can post jobs on LinkedIn for free.

1) Use An Applicant Tracking System That Has A Partnership With LinkedIn

The hiring process improves when Linkedin is integrated with your applicant tracking system (ATS). It enables you to track candidates and your hiring procedure in addition to assisting you in posting jobs on LinkedIn and other job boards.

Recruiterflow is a limited listing partner of Linkedin, allowing our customers to post their jobs on it for free. These LinkedIn job postings will be shown to all the candidates searching for jobs and posted under the Jobs section on your company’s LinkedIn profile page.

How To Get Started?

Register on Recruiterflow, Go to ‘Settings’, further to ‘General Settings, and enter your Linkedin Company ID. (The last digits after the URL-******). Alternatively, you can also search for the company here.

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn Using Recruiterflow?

Create a job and choose the Linkedin channel to publish it in the Recruiterflow promote tab. Edit the job to include more information, such as the industry, field, required experience, etc.

Mention the job’s expiration date and all the necessary qualifications. Lastly, click the Linkedin icon to save the job to the board.

Your job will be posted on Linkedin within 48 hours, and all applicants will be sent to Recuiterflow. You can view this help page for more information.

What’s The Difference Between Limited Posting And PPC Posting On LinkedIn?

The primary distinction is that limited postings are only visible to users looking for work or going to your company page.

However, a different targeted user base that may consist of passive candidates or users who aren’t actively looking for a new job is shown in the PPC jobs.

Due to LinkedIn’s limitations, your results will depend on how aggressively your rivals advertise jobs on the platform. Our sample indicates that free job postings attract nearly 60% as many applications as paid LinkedIn postings.

2) Share Your Job Opening URL On Your Company And The Employee’s Personal Feed

You can link your company page on LinkedIn with the job URL from your careers page. The amount of room that LinkedIn gave to company updates in user feeds has recently decreased.

However, if you keep up a lively LinkedIn company page, you’ll still get a ton of applications from your ready pool of followers. The same information can be shared on your employee’s personal feeds so anyone interested in their network can get in touch.

The drawback is that it won’t appear in the search results because it isn’t a legitimate job posting for someone genuinely looking for employment.

3) Use LinkedIn’s Article Feature

This is a very old strategy that recruiters mastered when LinkedIn was promoting its own feature for publishing content. Everyone in your network would receive push notifications if you wrote an article. You could briefly describe the opportunity and invite applicants to this article.

However, LinkedIn has backed off from promoting this feature as much. This has significantly decreased the audience for LinkedIn articles. Although this hack, in our opinion, is no longer effective, you can still use it to test your own strategy.

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