List Of Basic Tools Vehicle Owners Should Have


List Of Basic Tools Every Vehicle Owner Should Have

It is frustration. Standing alone on that highway stretching through the dry tongue of a lonely desert, with just regretful thoughts for not traveling prepared; now your front tyre is flat, your radiator stopped few miles back, your engine broke the `no smoking in the car` rule- lit a cigarette and started smoking, you look in the car for water but find your bottle of 1936 scotch whiskey- don’t even think about it! Yes, it’s liquid, but not water.

You don’t want yours to be the first 4A-GE Inline-Four engine to speak Mandarin. Now you wish, you had carried with you a spare tyre, a jack, a wheel spanner, a bottle of water and a towel because you’re gonna burst those seat glands.

Having these basic tools in your car can save you any delay in your appointments or parking your car in unbelievable places where you can’t reach your mechanic or no tow truck for kilometers into town.

Basic Tools Vehicle Owners Should Have

Here are a few basic tools that will come in handy for a convenient trip:

Wheel Spanner or Lug Wrench:

this is a socket wrench used to loosen or tighten nuts on automobile wheels.They come in L-shapes or cross-shaped, 90 degrees quadrant from dissimilar dimensions. The wheel spanner would be to loosen the wheel nuts and replace a bad tyre. It is designed with such mechanical precision as eating in the dark, you could replace those bad tyres with just the gray shadow of the moon.

Car Jack:

Despite this tool enables you to have access to areas of your automobile that are originally almost inaccessible and to perform certain maintenance operations on your car like replacing a flat tire, changing the oil, etc, there are rules to using this tool and safety precautions must be taken at times when it is used.

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One of such safety precautution is, do not go under a car using a jack for support as it may fail. Use packings to hold it up after the vehicle had been jacked. The car jack comes in two forms- the mechanical jack, torque being its mode of operation; then the hydraulic jack which uses hydraulic pressures as its operating mechanism.


These come in sizes and having a personal toolbox with variant spanner sizes can come in very handy, like in instances where the oil has to be changed or a loose battery terminal grip.

Spark Plugs:

It is very necessary for every car owner to keep extra pair of plugs and the plug spanner in the vehicle. A neutralized, damaged or ineffective spark plug may cause your engine to misfire, a bad spark plug can delay your vehicle from starting or even refuse to start at all.

Although the plug is designed to last over 30,000 miles, but if not checked regularly can bring you to a halt in the strangest of places.

Jumper Cables:

Getting the right measurements of jumper cables and with knowledge on how to jumpstart a dead battery, can be a major life saver. Professionals and vehicle manufacturers have written the right measurements of jumper cable to be 4 to 6 gauges and a length of 6 meters (20ft) at least; cables with heavier clamps and thickness have been tested to be more durable. When your vehicle won’t start, you can stop a vehicle and ask for assistance to jump start your dead batter with theirs.

Spare Wheel:

It is pointless having all basic tools for wheel replacement without a spare wheel itself, You will be stuck at that point if you don’t figure out how to get one or inflate yours.

Duct Tape:

Quality duct tape is known to withstand hostile environments like the high temperature under your hood for a while- at least long enough to get you to a repair shop. This material is used where improvision calls- it can be used to patch a leaking hose, can be used to block an unused Chanel, it can also be used to pad the threading of a part as the condition requires. Keep a duct tape in your glove compartment, it will surely come in handy.

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In all your DIY temporary repairs a flashlight is very necessary especially when working in the dark. You could get a head lamp or a bright table lamp to avoid using your mouth as holder- just how long can you keep those lips apart?


Water is mostly used for cooling in automobile engines and rinsing of various parts like the windscreen. Imagine getting dehydrated or dust over your eyes, as it is very important to balance your body temperature with the environment, so it it in automobiles if you’re to get 100% efficiency from your vehicle.

Having these basic tools and more, can save you regular visits to the mechanic and also save you from unnecessary car bills witch is with of course, adequate knowledge of the process.


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