A Loving Female-Led Relationship; All you need to Know plus 6 Tips on How to be Happy in the Relationship


A  Loving Female-Led Relationship

As people get married every day, the idea of Female-led relationships is quietly becoming an accepted relationship that is working out for many people.

This is a relationship in which women are cared for and their stand in the decision-making process of the relationship is valued and respected.

And this can only work out well if the man loves and cherishes his wife, honour her and ensures that she has everything she needs to create a wonderful life for their family.

Meaning of Loving Female-Led Relationships

Although there is no formal definition for a Female-led Relationship (FLR) it generally means a relationship where the female counterpart is loved, and respected and is also in charge of the decision-making and at the same time, honouring and respecting their men for the unyielding support given to them.

In a loving female-led relationship, the man’s needs are not ignored and the woman is not mandated to dominate the man sexually rather the woman respects he husband and the man respects the woman’s guidance.

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Types of Female-Led Relationships

Female-led relationships are categorized into four levels. Although it is possible to move from one level to the other the man, woman or both can only be comfortable with only one or two of this level. These levels are:

  • Low key – The woman leads in few ways and hesitantly grants permission to the man’s requests.

What is a female-led relationship? Definition, dynamics, advice - Legit.ng

  • Moderate – The woman leads out in everyday arrangements and same time sets boundaries on what she needs or what she doesn’t.

What Exactly Is a Female-Led Relationship (FLR)? - Wealthtender


  • Formal – The woman wants to be in control, assumes the male role and establishes her control over their finance, the man’s life and even sex life which will give her the power to decide who plays the kinky bedroom behaviour.

What Is Female Led Relationship (FLR) & Why Do Men Seek It?

  • Extreme – This is another type of FLR in which the woman has control over the man exerting her power in every aspect of their relationship including the aspect of the man’s life while the man plays the role of a servant.

What Is a Female-Led Relationship? How It Works

Advantages of Loving Female-Led Relationships

A loving Female-Led Relationship has a lot more to it than just satisfying your sexual pleasure, there are many more gains in such a relationship and that is what am going to tell you about.

1) Good understanding

When a couple is engaged in a loving female-led relationship, women are mostly allowed to voice out their opinions and they usually have little or no problem with that also men are given the platform to explore their female counterparts thereby making them understand them better and also bringing them closer to each other.

2) Women empowerment

This is another important advantage gained in a loving female-led relationship cause women tend to do things they could never think of doing in a normal relationship. This raises their self-esteem and also accelerates their confidence that can perform greater deeds.

3) Equality

In this kind of relationship, power is shared which means that the man doesn’t hold all the powers even if he earns more. There is a distribution of powers and everyone is happy with his/her role. This is the best way gender inequality can be felt.

4) Good communication

The strength of a good relationship is built mainly on good communication which is supposed to be seen in a loving female-led relationship. The merits given above totally support this point.

This communication helps them to resolve serious issues that they could not have solved in earlier times. This creates an atmosphere where couples will argue less and love themselves more.

5) Trust

This is one of the enjoyed privileges of a loving female-led relationship and that is because people in this relationship understand themselves, live a love-filled life, maintain gender equality and place the woman in the centre of love and attraction and this makes them trust themselves and are likely to gain trust than the normal ones.

This means that the time they used to spend doubting can now be invested in loving each other. This means that the time they would have spent doubting one another will be spent on showing love and care to one another.


Disadvantages of Female-led Relationships

For every couple that is trying to engage in a female-led relationship, there are many challenges and problems that you will face and some of them include:

1) Power struggle

There may be a struggle for power in a female-led relationship especially when the male partner is fed up and wants to quit but his spouse still wishes to continue with such a plan or relationship.

Female Led Relationship: Meaning, Signs, & How To Make It Work 2023

Also, the idea of a female-led relationship may not go down well with that man who wishes to take or play the leading role in their family. These may end up introducing a struggle for power and supremacy which will only lead the relationship into disaster.

2) You will get Negative comments and Remarks from the society

Considering how the society which prefers the male partner dominating to the female partner taking the dominant role may see it. There will be negative comments from family members, friends, relatives, neighbours and every person around you.

They may even tend to discourage you or your spouse or try to sow a seed of discord in the relationship.

3) Transfer of roles may make your Partner Uncomfortable

The man who finds himself in this type of relationship may not be comfortable playing the roles of a female or the mother of the house, or he may even find it hard to adapt to the role of a homemaker.

On the part of the female, she may feel like being the breadwinner of the family and also making important decisions in the home is too much for her and any relationship in which one of the partners is not feeling happy or both are not appreciating it may not survive for long.

4) Power Abuse

Sometimes, females in a female-led relationship tend to abuse their power by making their male counterparts feel like their opinions, support and advice are not needed. And this will make them resent the agreement and their roles.

5) Taking a Dominant Role may feel like Mothering

While a female-led relationship is progressing, it may start to look like a mother-child relationship plus the stress that may be caused by the pressure coming from the relationship. And these may end up making the male hesitate before airing his view.

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Tips to be Happy in a Loving Female-Led Relationship

1) Communicate effectively

Communication is one of the pillars of any relationship, when you communicate effectively, you know how your partner feels, and when to call off the agreement for the interest of all.

2) Trust is Essential

If you are in a loving Female-led Relationship, you must trust your partner to carry out his or her duty without having the feeling that you are being cheated on. Trust her to lead the family and her the support she needs if you are the male counterpart.


As the female counterpart, entrust into your husband’s hand the care of the home and give him the support that he may need to take care of the house while you play your role as the breadwinner, let his advice to you count.

3) Consent is also needed

Consent to things that you know will bring progress to the relationship whether it is your idea or your spouse’s, because a loving female-led relationship requires the full consent of both partners.

4) Be Transparent

To be happy in a female-led relationship, transparency is needed, let your partner know all your plans and in all your dealings, communicate with your partner and plan the best way to do it together.

5) Layout the Rules for the Relationship together

Both partner who are in a female-led relationship should make their rules together so that they both will be happy with the rules they have made.

6) Never feel jealous

Jealousy can turn into resentment, so if you want to be happy in your relationship, do not be jealous of your partner. Try talking with your partner to clarify issues for a better relationship.



If you are in a FLR, thing tends to go smoothly but you have to maintain this smoothness by making sure that you are not hurting your partner or harming his/her emotion. Do not abuse one another and always learn to support and cherish yourselves.

Female-led relationship is a positive way of empowering women bearing in mind that women always feel happy when people around her is happy as well. It works best if the two partners agree to the setup and accept themselves with love and respect.

Therefore as a man, love, value and respect your spouse, appreciate her for her efforts, support her in the way you can, and encourage her to attain greater height bearing in mind that a Female-Led Relationship can often increase a man’s happiness and allowing him to break society’s mold with the support of a partner.

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