Example of Lucrative business ideas for 2021


Example of Lucrative business ideas for 2021


Engaging in a lucrative business is something everyone looks forward to doing. The year 2021 is a year everyone wants to either start a business or invest massively in order to have financial freedom. All through the year 2020, the globe experienced and is still experiencing a financial meltdown that has affected every sector. This post will make suggestions on Lucrative business ideas for the year 2021.

While some businesses are struggling, other business owners are leveraging and finding new strategies to stick their heads up and are actually standing firm in places they never thought they will succeed. The pandemic the world experienced made every single person realize that absolutely anything can be done without a physical meeting with people.

People had to move to do things online, learning online, selling online, making orders like never before online. Though these things have always been there but the pandemic brought them out to the open. Every knowledgeable person has moved from doing things manually to actually engaging with people online.

The young, aged, even people in the local market places whom we consider uneducated have moved to do things online and are making amazing profits daily. These days, as times are changing, so are people and the things they do. If one ever wants to have financial freedom in the coming year, it is important to engage in lucrative businesses that people are thriving in, though with a difference but also ensure to have a plan and study the industry.

Example of Lucrative Business ideas for 2021

In the past few years, people moved from having actual shops and stores to selling things online. Reports have shown that a total number of 3.5 billion people which is 50% of the world’s population make use of smartphones which has made shopping and other business transactions easier. Since everything and everyone has moved online, it is only logical that things should be done online too.

A few of the things people have resulted in doing online are actually great business ideas that fetch more money than even having a physical meeting with people. People have discovered that doing things online saves more time and fetches even more money. Some of these lucrative business ideas are listed below.

Selling Online:

People now sell things online more than ever before because it saves both the seller and the buyer time. It doesn’t give room for unnecessary bargaining between a seller and his buyer. One can sell raw food items, cooked meals, accessories, clothing, and footwears. People even offer different services, so long as it fetches money. Such services include janitorial and laundry services, creative and research writing services.

Teaching Online:

One very profitable business line to venture into is the teaching line. The pandemic caused a shift in the minds and lifestyle of people. Since people cannot wait for things to get back to what they used to be about 10 months back, or even be restricted to learning only within the walls of a classroom, the best way is to adjust.

Students want to learn and improve on whatever skills they want to or choose to acquire. Parents on the other hand have leveraged the absence of a school physical location which is even economical. If you have a skill, you can take it online, make videos and teach people. It could be culinary skills, makeover skills, technical skills, photography or even graphic design skills, etc.

All of these is because people have all moved to the internet and are searching for things to learn. Another amazing and booming thing to teach online is a language. If you are skilful and knowledgeable in a foreign language, you can apply to various online teaching companies to teach any language. These languages include; Spanish, Mandarin and English language. There are a lot of companies in search of language teachers. Take the opportunity of a lifetime and try to teach online.


Writing is also a lucrative business line anyone can venture into. People have adapted and have found new ways to acquire knowledge. People need to read therefore they need people to come up with informative, enlightening and entertaining pieces of articles to keep minds busy. Different blogs, sites and academics need writers to provide information that is useful to their consumers or audience. If you happen to be skilful in writing, you might want to consider copywriting, creative writing, copy editing, academic or research writing.

Network Marketing:

People have come up with amazing business/network marketing strategies and ideas that tend to produce money invested over a period of time. People who know how to communicate and relate with people online tend to use the opportunity to engage, relate with people and invest money that will yield them profits over time. This system involves a set of people who invest a certain amount of money and over time the money generates with an interest. Network marketing cuts across leveraging people to easily reach a greater number of audience. This way, the company saves in advertising.

Social Media Management:

Since people’s businesses and brands are moving online, people need individuals who will help push their brands, the services they render out there and manage the traffic they gather. A large number of celebrities also need people to manage their social media handles because of their busy schedules.

If you think you are good at managing, planning, organizing and handling activities without fault under pressure, then this is the business or line of job for you. If you think you have good communicative and interactive skills, handling a brand’s page will be quite an easy task.


Most importantly, the pandemic made us (the world) realize that we have a dire need for food. Every other business line took hold but people needed to survive and they needed foods of every kind to stay alive. Making the people in the agricultural industry in different parts of the world more relevant. If one can choose the food industry to engage in, he will mostly succeed

Conclusion -Lucrative business ideas

Having any business or getting engaged with a business to do online is definitely a lucrative one. With these business ideas, a person will never run low on cash flow. Online businesses are lucrative as there is no limit to what one can achieve.

Do you think we didn’t mention any Lucrative business ideas that can help people in their business journey or even reduce debt in 2021? Please use the comment box to drop your comment.


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